Red light went on on one of my Ayre MX-R amps

Please advise? My owners manual is in hard place to access. I unplugged the amp and plugged it back in and now it seems to be fine - should i be concerned?
One MX-R owner's manual, coming right up.

Ayre is pretty cool about having lots of information on-line.

MX-R owner's manual

FYI, calling Ayre is another good idea, as they are VERY helpful!

Good Luck!
please post your findings as I have the MX-R and I am curious.
Read through the manual and the red LED indicates DC on the amplifiers incoming signal.
If it has never happened before do not worry about it. the sort of device that checks for it is very sensitive, and may have just had a 'cosmic ray' hiccup. Or something like that. Poltergeist activity is also a possible reason, if the cosmic ray seems too far out.
Anyway, don't worry be happy. If it happens again, do the same thing. If it starts happening all the time, THEN worry.
Liz, LOL!
Never read an owners manual where a LED can be so many colors.
Green, blue, red, yellow, violet, orange. Each color is an indication of a different problem. so folks who are color blind should be warned not to buy this electrical device!
I unplugged ny MX-R's last night. Blue to green when turned to stand by. When unplugged I think they switched to Red=>violet=>orange=>green (I think)=>nothing.
I just called Ayre and left a message, now the one amp keeps resetting itself to idle when I have them both off idle, it must be over heating. It has done this at least 4 time in one week now. Something is wrong :(
Dear Solecky (and all others)

Have you actually spoken to anyone here at Ayre? The best thing to do in times like this is to call the people that designed the product rather than post on a website where you will get what is likely a lot of mixed information, and worse, wrong information. Please give me a call at 303.442.7300 x 223. I am happy to help you out.

Thank you,
Ayre Acoustics Customer Service Mgr.