red light on classe 30 preamp?

I've got a classe 30 preamp and it has a light just above the play/mute switch. It's green when it is in mute mode, and has always been off in normal mode. But, I got home from work today and the light is red? I don't have the manual, so I don't know why this is. Anyone have any idea? it seems to work fine still.

I have the Classe 35 pre and my light is either green for mute or red for normal. Has been from day one. Don't know if they are somewhat he same type of preamp. Hope to have helped... .Armin Gschwendtner has always been very helpful in answering any technical questions. If it seems to work fine, I wouldn't be too concerned. Possibly the light may be faulty.

I have a Classe 30 pre and my lights work just as Alremc described. I believe your lights are now working as they should.
My 30 is green in mute and red when playing-weird that it is this way. Oh well, I love it. If you have a fax #, I'll be happy to copy my manual on monday and fax it or even mail it to you.