Red LED's on Kora Cosmos Reference Amps

Last night 5 out of the eight red LED's next to the output tubes (on the left monobloc) went active. According to the limited manuel, this means I tripped some protection fuse. Does anybody know what to do? I would imagine fuses need to be replaced, but there isn't anything in the manuel. I am afraid to use the amp until I get more info. I have already sent an e-mail to Kora, but I am afraid it may be awhile till I get a response b/c of CES 2003.

Thanks for the help.

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I already answered your question in AA.
Hi George!
To resolve your problem, you have to remove the tube protection and the plate chrome protection, then you'll can easely repalace your fuses. Remember to switch off your blocsbefore the operation!
MARC (a french user)
ps:sorry for my english wich is not very fluent!