Red Dog Tracks

Anyone out there familiar with Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez? I have been really enjoying their latest release "Red Dog Tracks". Acoustic/electric guitar, fiddle, banjo, upright bass and drums, songs that put you at ease with an authentic feel. The title of the second cut "Keep Your Hat on Jenny" gives a hint to the style. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there is listening to them.
PS,- also, Im getting a big kick out of Willie Nelsons latest, "Countryman" - Willie reggae style! A hoot! Enjoy.
I don't know Chip Taylor or Carrie Rodriguez, but I did just pick up that Willie Nelson and I agree, it's really cool!

Hi. I guess my initial surprise was that Chip Taylor wrote "Angel in the Morning" all those years ago (at least 40) and here he is pairing up with a talent so much younger. I was also surprised they released a second album.

There is a lot of really good Americana music out there (like the "Notorious Cherry Bombs;" Laura Cantrell "Humming By the Flowered Vine;" Bill Staines "Journey Home;" Donna the Buffalo "Life's a Ride") and a great magazine like No Depression to keep us informed.

Glad to chat with a fellow fan.

Regards, Rich
I have their first albun, and it's great.
Will have to add newset to my shopping list.
They really sound good together.
Love Americana/country (not pop country). Most is well recorded and sounds suoper on a good stereo.
You should really check out "The Waifs, A Brief History", a new live album from one of my favorite groups. The sound is excellent, so if you enjoy great alt country style music with Aussie accents check it out. I've heard great things about the Notorius Cherry Bombs, I'll have to check it out.
Another guy from way back when whos still making cool music is Tony Joe White, he did "Poke Sallad Annie". His last release had guests including Emmylou, Shelby and Lucinda. A fresh listen to "Poke Sallad" and I was surprised what a great song it was, not just a novelty song.
Im listening to "Tijuana Sessions" by Nortec Collective right now and its an extremely fun listen. A strange flavor of 'Alternative Latin'. Cant really explain this one too well, you just got to hear it I guess, from electronica to accordion, to violin, to horns including tuba, awesome beats, groove full of life.
Seems like there is finally some interesting new music to explore again these days.