Red Dawn 11 vs SPM Speaker Cable

Currently have Nordost Rev 11 2 meter speaker cable in my system. Recent changes in room necessitates a longer length.(3 meter) Anyone has experience with these 2 cables? A major selling point for the Rev 11 was that it was 90% of the SPM for half the cost according to the dealer. Any comments would be appreciated regardings these cables. Nordost is a good match in my system and I would like to stay with it. Thanks
I think you will find the SPM is warmer. Also better balanced from top to bottom.
Just installed spm in my system. Found it to be faster with more resolution top to bottom. With tubes it is great.
SPM is 12 gauge, RD revII is 13 AWG, BTW. But unless you're seeing a 2 ohm load in the lower octaves I wouldn't expect a driveability change at only 3 meters. I use RedDawn II quite successfully, and do NOT hear a difference if it's doubled up (11AWG), so any warmth attributed to SPM must be due to its slightly-different extrusion composition and geometry? I've been told that there's a greater difference between the ICs than the speaker cable, so I'm not tempted to upgrade the cables. I use balanced long IC pre-to-power, and won't change them either...but I'm about to swap out my 1m RCA CDP RDII for something a bit warmer. Come to think of it, my system is slightly warmer when using FM, so the leanness must be the CDP and/or its IC. The difference in cost between RDrevII and SPM speaker cables seems prohibitive, but that's my admittedly naive sense of value.
Just seems to me that $$ spent upstream offer greater benefit. Would you keep me posted on your progress? Thanks. Ernie
Thanks for the responses, I received a e-mail directly from Nordost and they said that the Red Dawn Rev 11 offers 90 - 95 percent of the SPM and my budget and listening preferences should determine which one to use. Looking at a used pair of bi-wire SPM vs a new pair of Red Dawn 11(new product line and haven't found a use pair for sell yet)After looking at the cost, trying to find a way to make my 2 meter cable work. I bought my Red Dawn new and the best used price is probably 60 per cent of what I paid. Even the used SPM are in the 1250-1700.00 range.Again thanks and good listening.