recyling vinyl?

What do you do to old records that are worthless to listen to due to excessive wear?
I have collected over 2000 old LPs (and those 10" prior to LPs) over the years, but half of them are neither my type nor too much worn out. Sometimes I buy in bulk and keep what I like. I've started trashing them, and yesterday about 100, and more need to be trashed.
Do you just put them in a garbage bag with other trashes so that garbage trucks can pick it up?
Do you separate the covers and inner sleeves for recycle?
Do they recycle vinyls?
Is there a place that takes old (useless) records?
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If they are still playable and just not your type of music that you like, take them to the library or a second hand store. Let somebody else enjoy them instead of ending up in the trash.
Agree the place for them is a second-hand store of the Goodwill or PurpleHeart sort.
You never know what is someone's treasure that was just your trash.
I agree with the above.Might be a used record store in your area that would pick them up too.♫
Thanks for the tips.
I will try those places, but I have many records in bad condition. Are you still going to pass them over to others? Or trash them? When absolutely to be trashed, are you going to put them in a garage bag with other trashes?
Or, recycle them somehow?
if the records are playable, then definitely go with the above posters suggestions. if not, then melt them down into bocce balls; sounds like you have enough for a full set!
I visited one of our local museums the other day and in the gift shop were some really interesting items made from recycled records. One is a bowl that is pressed into bowl shape from a record--it's very interesting. The other item is a set of coasters cut from the center section/label section. The company in in Philly. My wife got the coasters as a xmas gift and they'll be great in my listening room! I also like the Goodwill idea.
If they are really bad, then you have a few options :

Make some bowls out of them :

Or toss them out on garbage night and either the trash man gets them or somebody else will.
I use them in the garden as a weed block around vegetables. Seriously.

What has worked well for me and my lawyer has said is a wonderful solution is, I give my old ones to my X wife. She never plays them so has not idea that they are bad.

We are talking win win here.

Good luck and God speed.

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