Recs for new speaker cable or IC

I am writing as I am currently at a loss. I recently upgraded my power conditioning and am happy with the quieter background and increased detail. However, my system seems to be accentuating the upper midrange, and I'm getting a little listener fatigue. Unfortunately, I also decided to change my outlet to an Eagle outlet (supposedly very good contact points). That exacerbated the problem. In response, I changed the PC to my transport (was a Marigo RMX ref C- now a Bybee pro power) and it was alleviated some , but still a little thin. Here's the systewm as it is:

Muse model 5 transport (bybee pro power cord)
Muse model 2+ DAC -connected to transport by Muse 13w3 cable- BMI Eel PC on DAC
Dac to preamp is Cardas Neutral Ref XLR
Muse model 3 preamp- LAT PC
Pre to power IC is a large gauge hand made silver cable (12 gauge) soldered with mostly silver solder (not crimped)terminated with Neutrik Pro-fi RCAs.
Power amp Aleph 2 monos (Discovery PC's on them)
Speaker cable Nordost Red Dawn
Speakers Dynaudio Contour 2 MkII

Power conditioner to power amps is Audioprism Foundation 2
Power conditioner to all other components -Bybee pro

I think the new outlet is not helping things much. I am planning to change back the outlet to the old one as soon as I can get home before dark and shut off the circuit breaker at home. That said the system was still alittle thin before switching it out. My other thought is that the culprit is either the pre to power IC or the speaker cable. Both of the cables in question are silver cables. Historically, the RD is very fast and I have never had problems with it sounding thin as many people describe it. The silver IC has been the best IC I have ever owned as far as liquidity and speed. Nonetheless, the new power conditioning has changed things. The overall changes with the Bybee are much improved, but as always at this state in the game, I am looking for that last 1%, and my system unfortunately is showing some of the weaknesses of digital and SS.
I just bought some Analysis plus oval 9 for my HT system and am trying it on the 2 channel system. It sounds a little more musical , but is lacking in the detail of the Red Dawn. It is early in the cable break in and I will surely have a better idea about the Oval 9 in a week or two. I have heard it has an extended break in.
Any thoughts on the IC between the pre and power or the Red Dawn. Any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I'll take any options from a bargain to a cost-no-object alternative. Thanks in advance.

That will teach me to try and improve a system I am already very happy with....wait a minute, that's the whole purpose.
Happy listening all,

well, i've tried the blue heaven revision ii speaker cables, and found them very accurate, but thin. i've been told that the red dawn is even worse, but the red dawn rev ii is somewhat better. if you like the nordost sound you might want to try the rev ii. another option would be not running power conditioners at all with your amps. some people feel it limits the dynamics and fullness with power amps. it's an easy thing to try, anyway. i found a much more full sound, without the thinness, when i took out the nordost and put in either tara labs (speaker and IC) or synergistic research (IC, haven't tried active shielding speaker cable yet). we don't have any components in common though, so who knows...
I have used many different cables through the years and have finally settled on Ensemble. Never bright or thin, always warm, rich, detailed and gorgeous. I would recommend trying a pair of their speaker cables, you won't believe the lovely sound, and they are often available used on this site. However, even brand new they are very reasonably priced, and if you don't like them, you can sell them here for about what you paid for them. Ensemble is a Swiss line of cables, power cords, and power conditioning products (they also make electronics and speakers, but I haven't heard those) that are incredible.
I've found Acoustic Zen to be very detailed but never harsh or thin sounding--just very open and balanced. You might try something like the Silver Reference between your DAC and preamp and the Matrix Reference(96% copper/4% silver) between your preamp and amp. I find the silver preserves the detail from the front end while the copper allows the full weight and tone from the mids to come through. The Satori speaker cables are also phenominal--very detailed and smooth with outstanding imaging and dynamics such that everything sounds more real and alive. Best of luck.

I agree with the acoustic zen. I use the matrix on amp-preampSS..I use the ixos ixotica on cd..and the satori speaker wire. This replaced the red dawn[original]. The red dawn is system dependent[isn't everything?]. Very fast ultra-detailed it can sound harmonically thin, with quick leading edges and little fullness[my sytem]. The acoustic zen was more relaxed, just as detailed, and full with great timbre, just my observations in my system....also, if you can pick up siltech gen 3 second hand, it is very musically satisfying. cheers, Bluenose
Tsquared. Another thought. Are your power line conditioners sitting on the floor? If so, find something to sit them on to lift them off the floor, books, bricks, stryofoam and see if you notice a difference......sounds crazy but it can help.also, nordost cables should be held up off the floor, thanks to Myles at Ultimate audio mag for this...regards, bluenose
If you want an excellent receptacle that won't break the bank, try an Arrow Hart 8200 (about $8). I experimented with a number of receptacles up to $20 including Leviton, P&S, Hubbell, Bryant etc. and it was clearly the best, although the Hubbell hospital grade I used (8300 model) sounded smoother, but at the expense of what I felt was some information loss. I'd also suggest losing the LAT cord; I've used it, and although it is a very good budget cord, it tends to impart a zippy character to the music and is definitely on the brighter side of neutral. Two reasonably priced cords on the used market that I use are the Blue Circle BC 62 (very neutral and much less etched than the LAT) and the Cardas Golden (which leans toward the warmer side). My guess is that the LAT may be an area that can be addressed pretty cheaply that will make a pretty huge difference. I'd also try your amps plugged directly into the wall as opposed to through the power conditioner. Lastly, I'd agree with Bluenose that what your other power conditioner is sitting on can make a big difference. I'd suggest "laminated" or security glass (not regular glass) which is very dead. You can buy a piece for your power conditioner for about $20. Finally, for interconnects, I use Silver Audio Bullet 6.0's and notice there are a couple of pairs for sale here used. Rarely do you see these hit the market used, and they are a great deal in my opinion at the used price. Very fast and open, but at the same time very smooth, not what many would have to believe is the typical "bright" silver sound.