Recs for Cheap Integrated Amp?

Hi All,

I currently have a NAD integrated amp which is very old, and one of the channels is no longer working.

I'd like to get a new integrated amp that will power my small Triangle Titus speakers. I have a cheap Sony CD player, nakamichi tape deck, as well as a turn table (which doesn't require a phono input).

I'd really like an amp that takes either spades or banana plugs, as I'm tired of wrestling with speaker wire.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an amp that's < $200?

Thanks for any and all help!
Have your amp repaired or look for another NAD.
< $200? Ditto Donjr
Watch for a lucky buy on ebay.
Consider a 2-channel receiver instead of an integrated for lower cost. Some of the newer used or refurbished units probably sound better than some of the older integrateds that you could get for $200.
What's the model # of the NAD? Is it a 3020?
creek 4330
I don't have any direct experience with this Emotiva mini amp but the company builds good gear at reasonable prices and it has the five-way binding posts you're looking for. There's also an open-box new one on ebay for $40 less.

If you could find a used one, the Pioneer Elite A-35R is a nice integrated in your price range. Can't remember exactly but I think the speaker connections might be a problem, though.
A nice cheap EL84 tube int amp? The triangles sound very nice with tubes
I spent a lot of years finding the best in low cost stereo equipment. My opinion is you cannot do better than the NAD 3020. So, like was said above, if your present broken amp is an NAD 3020, get it fixed and keep it. If not, look for another one. If not look for these in this order.

1. Any NAD (For inexpensive, it's hard to beat NAD.)
2. Any Arcam (Hard to find in this price range but I I found an AVR-100 for $200. For me, it's the best sound for a cheap amp there is.)
3. Onkyo 8255 (Two channel stereo that can be had for less than $100. I gave one to my neighbor who runs a pair of floor standing Advents and the sound is very good. By the way, I would not choose an Onkyo receiver for this list -- only the two channel stereo.)

All of these are used.

Sorry, I meant to say I would not choose an Onkyo multi-channel receiver, only the two-channel receiver.