Records, Wilma victim

I am in the Coast Guard and have not been home to Key West but, I know my home was under five feet of water. I figure I can clean the CD's(1000+) and insurance will replace the stereo (I hope). But I have nearly 40 years worth of records. I assume there are screwed is there anything I can do.
There's a good chance that the LP covers cannot be salvaged if they got really wet -- the paper used for LP covers tends to disintegrate when it gets soaked. However, if the covers only got damp, you might be able to save them by placing them in the sun to dry, and then storing them for several days in a room with a good dehumidifier to prevent mold or fungus from forming. The LP's themselves should require only a good cleaning -- if you don't own a record cleaning machine (such as those made by Nitty Gritty and VPI), this is definitely the time to buy one. If you have a lot of records to clean, the models that clean both sides of the LP simultaneously will save you a lot of time.
I agree the covers may be lost, but to save the vinyl you need to get them out of the wet covers ASAP. The stuff that will grow on the paper will eat into the vinyl. Once that happens the record is ruined.

Sorry to hear about your trouble.
I was lucky in our fire this year not to have lost any vinyl. If I had, and the insurance company had offered me a nickel each, I was ready. I would have asked a reputable audio publication to write a letter explaining that the medium is still alive and LPs valuable. ( I would have paid them a fee for this service. )

If you have to make an insurance claim for your vinyl--either cleaning or replacement--and your insurer demurs, this may be a possibility for you.

Very sorry to hear of your loss.
Off topic I know but you guys (Coast Guard) did some awesome work down there. Definitely something to be proud of! Thanks!
Thank you all.