Records weights or pucks -heavy or light?

There is quite a variety of record weights or pucks on the market now, with a huge range of weight, from as little as 160g up to 1200g and more. I'm not confused about the wisdom of using a clamp or weight. I AM confused as to how to choose a good weight for my turntable, a Pro-ject Xperience belt drive. I already have a screw clamp, but a slip-on weighted puck is much easier and quicker to use.

Leaving aside the issue of sprung tables, where heavy pucks can be problematic due to the suspension, does anyone have wisdom re light weight pucks versus heavyweight pucks, puck material and the resonance damping of the record?
I have had good luck with TTWeights; there are so many and so many different methods that it is hard to say anything general. Harmonix makes one that costs $3000; I have not seen one nor expect to although I am a dealer for them. If your table has a good bearing I would not worry about the increased weight of the heavy ones, the really heavy ones are a real handful to put on and off. At the low [ reasonable] end I would use heavy brass; higher up there are, as I said, many ways to go. I have wanted to try the Pierre Lurne but they don't answer emails at the address given in the online review, 6Moons I think. Bren is a good cheap one. I think it all depends on the individual system and your taste.
Yes, you'll just have to get some different ones and try them. For example, I haven't yet found ANY weight or clamp that doesn't squash the sound when used on my table. But every situation is different. After you play with this for a while you may or may not continue to think it is such a good idea. Then again, you may find one that puts icing on the cake.
I know this isn't exactly an answer, but if I were you I would get the Pro-Ject Puck-It and be done with it. It's cheap, is neither too heavy nor too light, will look nice with your table, and - to me - feels of high quality for the price.
Be careful with heavy weight clamp as it can affect your bearing. Your turntable's bearing only can tolerate up to certain weight including the platter. Check with sumiko first.
This is the one I use from TT Weights. It fits my needs to a tee.
This is purely a matter of personal taste plus what your turntable bearing and motor can take without undue wear and speed instability. I have owned belt-, direct- and idler-drive tts. I personally do not like heavy center weights on any of them.
Thanks for the input. I checked with Sumiko and they said that using the Pro-ject Puck should not pose any problems, either with the motor or the bearing. Interesting since the puck is almost a 50% increase in the weight of the platter.

I've done some experimenting: I set up a mock weight on the turntable of about the same weight as the Pro-ject Puck and noticed no slow start or belt slippage. I compared the sound of this arrangement to the lightweight Pro-ject screw clamp, and also to nothing on the spindle at all. The screw clamp gave the overall best result in terms of clarity, bass and imaging. A bare spindle gave the weakest results and the mock weight of about 850g was a strong improvement over the bare spindle but lost out to the clamp.
I thought I might get some improvement of speed stability with the 850g weight(a 42% increase in platter mass), but that wasn't the case.

So now, I'm curious about lighter puck weights, in the region of 200-400g. I'll investigate further.