Records to CD ripping need basic help

I just want to transfer LPs to CDR (stereo only). I purchased Audio Cleaning Lab/10 installed on my VAIO laptop and plugged in into my audio system. The resulting CDs even in the 24 bit mode are the most horrible thing I've ever heard. We are talking about quality. It "works" but the degradation from the original LP is incredible.

I'm thinking that audio quality should be the fault of the sound card A/D? Do I need to get a real sound card, one with RCA inputs? Could it possibly be software?
Try an Alesis hard disk recorder. You don't need a PC and it works very well as an audio component. Has pretty good A/D in it, too. About 800 brand new.
I use a creative labs sound card with spdif inputs and outputs on my hard drive and do not experience this problem at all.But I do use a high quality software program to do all of my own dubs on .I utilize Sound Forge 5.0 which is a $500.00 recording program.I beleive Sony now have rights to this program come to think of it.
Of course I use as high a quailty of IC I can get my hands on to patch between the device used and the computer.I also copy real time.Well best of luck
What about USB outboards like M-Audio.
I had been using M-Audio's Audiophile USB very successfully but am now using an Apple G5. Big price difference and the G5 isn't much better. I don't even think I can get $150 for the Audiophile USB while the G5 was thousands.
You might consider a freestanding CD recorder such as the Marantz/Superscope Professional series models. They turn up used pretty often, sometimes under $300.00. I can play CD's recorded on my CDR 630 in my system and can barely tell them from the vinyl they were recorded from. I have the recorder hooked in to a tape loop on the preamp.