Records Everywhere - Help!

Help! - I need storage suggestions, vinyl is taking over my family room. Sure I could have custom shelves built, but I'd rather spend time listening. I'm looking for furniture quality suggestions. Are there any manufactures of great record storage systems?
Why dont you send some to me? I, sure will be happy to "store" it for you!(classical only)
Eldragon, you beat me to the punch! If you like stackable, open wood frame holders, the Per Madsen Designs storage units are quite nice.
Check out IKEA on the Web. Their BONDE line bookcases are PERFECT for LPs, and come in several sizes.
I use the Ikea and agree with Alexc. I don't store them in the same room, because my furniture is much higher quality than Ikea.
I like the look of vinyl strewn everywhere, I find it has a calming effect. Wife disagrees though...
If you have a "lot" of vinyl and a closet (preferably one you can step into) that you can allocate, this is the best long term solution as your collection grows. You can use "any" sturdy shelving since it is "in the closet" and you just need a good inventory system and decent lighting. If you have a better half she may go for this as everything is out of sight. I have done this in two homes years ago when I had tons of vinyl and it worked very well. I got the idea from a disc jockey/music historian that had this set up in his home. I would just pull what I wanted for the day and the only vinyl in the listening room was held in a small magazine rack for playing and to be filed. I guess it's kind of like going to the library, but the library is in your home. I used stacking modular 15" cubes that had just one side open, they were sturdy enough for five stories of albums. Right now I have five large drawers in a Tansu cabinet for CD storage (though not that many CD's) and it works the same - they are out of sight. I enjoy walls of books (we have many) but not walls of albums and CD's as they are too uniform and sterile looking. It's nice to relax and listen to music without actualy looking at it.
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If you have a "lot" of vinyl and a closet

just a word of friendly advice - if your LP storage methodology involves going vertical for several levels, make sure your shelving aligns with a load bearing wall. Don‘t ask why…

it's only been 20 years the OP has been suffering  from LP overstock.

Good thing the last 2 posters came to the rescue.

Unfortunately the IKEA Bonde was discontinued many years ago. I have and like their EKET model: a 27.5" x 27.5" x 13.75" deep 4-cubicle storage unit priced at $55. I have fifteen of them, stacked three high, five wide. A wall of LP's!