Records at BN

That Barnes and Noble carries records has been mentioned before here. My several local stores have all have those flimsy cardboard stands set on tables in the main areas of the stores.

But recently I was in a store south of Boston, and in the CD-DVD section, an entire long rack was emptied of DVDs, all replaced with vinyl. Hundreds, maybe thousands of LPs, I'd guess.

Good news for analog folks who still like to browse and buy.
Time to take a drive...
Mine has also expanded and now has a great selection.....maybe 1000 and growing. And, that is in ithaca.
Bought the newest Boz Scaggs there.
Raymonda: I loved and miss Ithaca. Stellar Stereo is where I cut my teeth on high end audio.
expensive is the only way to say it.
I was in the local B/N yesterday just to see if my memory of their vinyl section was still true. A clerk pointed out that they have replaced one full wall with vinyl because they are selling vinyl 2:1 over CDs. Not a surprise since everyone who wants a CD probably has it, not so much with vinyl. She also told me they are closing another local B/N due to the rent being increased. The selection is amazing! Get there while you can. My fear is that B/N will follow Borders and disappear in the future. You can't help but think that when you see the level of inventory relative to the customer count. Sad but true.
Ithaca is the most scenic city in the USA, hands down !
Nice to see at stores but some of the prices are out of control. Bob Marley Boston 78 amazon price 30 bucks. BN 41 bucks. I will pay more for the store experience but 11 bucks really?
Took the drive. The one I visited did have quite a lot more than last visit. Prices are high. Just around the corner is an FYE where the prices are fairly similar. Bought the Boz Scaggs mentioned above along with Cal Tjader, Sextet and Jason Isbell, Something More Than Free. The Cal Tjader was the least expensive of the group at $19.99
At FYE I found Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Goin' Home. This the most expensive at $34.99
Stellar is still up and running. Nice casual store. Love the finger lakes!
Most of them r digitally mastered.
I like to stick with originals still :-)
Raymonda- Finger Lakes NY ? Is Stellar a vinyl shop? Cheers -Don
No, Stellar is a small audio shop run by Bill and Steve, two nice guys.
I found that their prices are about $3 per title higher than a local record store (Rasputin's) for the exact same product. I bought a few titles not available at Rasputin's. Looks like Amazon might be the place to shop for vinyl.