Recordings with BASS

Which recordings or songs are best in testing bass in a loudspeaker?
Go to the Search Archives and type in "Bass" and Music for the category and that should direct you to a few threads that should get you headed in the right direction
This depends on what you want to test about the bass. If you are looking for how well your system reproduces the sound of live, acoustic bass-register instruments, then a great thing to use is the opening of Wagner's opera, Das Rheingold.
If you are looking for good bass tone "Pat Metheny / Charlie Haden | Beyond the Missouri Sky"

If your looking for deep bass...."Archetribe / Earthtones"

Amazon has both of these great cd's and I've used them for years as subwoofer setup tools.

Bela Flec- Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
"Night fight" from Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon. Wonderful test of dynamic range. The very deepest, tight, high impact bass from a tympany drum vs the hi pitch click of sticks that wiil make you jump and savor it at same time.
If you like Electronic music try "Yello", OHHHHHH YEEeeeaaAaaAaaH lol
get some Reggae songs
Try any Medeski,Martin and Wood recording. Drums,organ and bass. A low end lovers workout for sure.
Look for CDs or SACDs of the group Kodo - Japanese taiko drumming.
Donald Fagen, " Morph the Cat" on vinyl.
Much of "Monkey Business" by the Black Eyed Peas for bass you should feel.

"On the Threshold of a Dream" by the Moody Blues for bass articulation, detail and control.

If both of these sound good, most everything else should also and you are in very good shape bass-wise.
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley on the Texas Flood Album
For setting up subs REL recommends the sound track from "Sneakers". I have it and it is quite good for both bass and musical content.
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This is incredible for bass-testing or simply listening:

Artist: Anouar Brahen.
Recording: The Astounding Eyes of Rita.

Anouar plays the oud; Klaus Gesing,bass clarinet; Björn Meyer, bass; Khaled Yassine, drums of various tpes. I stumbled across this via YouTube. Track #5 was playing in the background of a Rega turntable "ad". Thought it was just beautiful, sent a note to the audio shop. Best music/musician discovery in a long time for me.
Paula Cole, 1st song on This Fire album "Tiger".
Soundtrack from the first Pirates of the Carribean movie.
Better tack down mammas antiques when these two play. They both also hit both ends of the sonic spectrum and will put your system to the test.
Have fun, John
Every single one of Anouar Brahem's 8 albums is a gem in its own right. If you like the Arab drum I also suggest you check our the album Nafas by Rabih Abou-Khalil.
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*not for the faint of heart*
Jennifer Warnes' "The Hunter" features a really well recorded rhythm section.
Lots of great suggestions. I will need to look up some of these.
If I remember correctly Sumiko recommends a Bob Wasserman CD/LP with Jennifer Warnes called Duets for setting up speakers but I think the Donald Fagen SCAD of " Morph the cat" may be my favorite.
Here are some I use.

Pendulum Immersion

This entire album has a lot of bass through and through.

The Sheffield Lab Drum and Track Disc (XRCD24) by Jim Keltner and Ron Tutt

The Great Fantasy Adventure Album from Telarc

You gotta love it when there is a warning label on the CD stating that you may damage your equipment.
If you get the Wasserman make sure it is the 24 bit remaster. I got it in a 3 CD set ; solos, duets and trios. The last two are really excellent for bass and sound in general.
most of Ray Browns recordings
Here is my "Low end" reference list.

Rigoletto, Act 1 scene 2, duet with Rigoletto and Sparafucile (the Baritone) "vecchio maledivami"

Pagliacci, End of act 1, the instrumental conclusion after the aria "Vesti la giubba". It ends on a low note, setting the tone for things to come in act II.

Kind of Blue, blue in green, Paul Chambers concludes the track by playing the bass with a bow. This is only really evident on a system with tight bass.

Shuttle, Tunnel, on Ninja Tune records. This is a slowed down drum and bass style (UK grime without the rapping) track.

Sarah Mclachlan, on the Album surfacing, the track "I love you". The baseline is very low and has tendency to come accross very muddled (if at all) on poorly set-up systems.

Blue Rodeo, 5 days in May. Featuring Sarah McLachlan on back-up vocals (not that this is relevant).

Digable Planets, their second Album, the track "Cool Like That". There is a second baseline (accent) that only comes in at certain points, again it is low frequency and is not apparent on most systems. It plays over the main baseline, so it has tendancy to get lost if the system cannot provided sufficent low end definition (more of a room thing really).

Well those are my picks.

I can't wait to check out Learsfools Wagner suggestion.
Old rock record/CD from Pink Floyd called Dark Side of the Moon. Cut with the deep bass is called "Time".
i was listening to porcupine tree`s 'lightbulb sun' yesterday.awesome bass and drumming.
+1 "Bela Flec- Flight of the Cosmic Hippo"
I had a serious bass moment yesterday. Zwischentone (Nuances) by Windwerk (24/192 !!). Major pipe organ action, track 2, "Improvisation".
"Flight of the Cosmic Hippo"

I can imagine the bass just from the name......
"Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" Bela Fleck, I imagine is from the Fleck Tones which would feature Victor Wooten on Bass. I suggest any of Vic's own stuff. "Yin-Yang" is an excellent well rounded double album. He does an incredible version of Coltrane's Niama on his album "What Did He Say". I am a BIG fan and have his Fodera Bass.
Agree with "Morph The Cat" although the bass is completely out of balance and unnatural.

A poorly engineered recording.

Surprised that a stickler like Fagan would approve it.
A guy I know has dual Eminent Technology Thigpen Rotary subwoofers.......he asked for a bass disc suggestion, and I turned him on to the disc I mentioned above... "Archetribe / Earthtones"

A couple of years later, he's still in love with the Disc!

Here's a few:
Try Dead Can Dance "Into the Labyrinth" on the original 4AD LP or CD.
Jamie Cullum- twentysomething CD/SACD.
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Love it.

99.9% of the people on this forum won't know who they are.
"Hello Jeff" on Journey to Love by Stanley Clarke. Will sound like whale farts if your system doesn't have low end extension and articulation. Slammin' tune though when all is well.
High Kings. The have a Timpanist that plays on several tracks. Have to like the genre though.

Also maybe Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd. That should rattle the your eardrums.
Morphine 'Cure for Pain'
Haven't noticed any mention of Jimmy Smith. Prayer Meeting is a great track and - played sufficiently loud - it will relocate furniture in your listening room.
"Raising Sand" @ "Icky Thump" on vinyl. Neither are perfect but if your system can make sense of it, you're doing something right.
One album with cavernous and deep bass is the Mad Season album "Above". The opening few notes of the first track sort the men from the boys when it comes to what your system can reproduce.
One a little more hard to find is Peter Gabriel "Soft Dog" on the 45rpm Charisma 12" pressing.
Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter"
"I'm the Greatest" on "Ringo" by Ringo! Klaus Voormann will really surprise you. Full deep sound. Fun recording to listen to.
The genie talking on AMUSED TO DEATH SIDE 3!

(Caution---woofer blower)
Humble Pie Smokin'. "30 Days in the hole"
The regular CD is pretty good, and the SHM CD is even better.
Walking jazz basslines...count basis...basis jam... John Lennon dbl fantasy
Metallica - And Justice For All