Recordings to die for - R R only

i'm interested in people's expeiences with quality recordings in the specific genre of rock and roll...we're talking Stones, Doors, Zepplin, Nirvana, Soundgarden, R&R. have there been any recordings that really surprised you with depth, imaging, know that audiophile thing. feel free to include re-masters, DCC, MFSl, etc. i'd like to hear specific examples (as opposed to "try anything Steve Hoffman does at DCC" commentary. thanks for your ears

I'll start you off with Dire Straits' Love Over Gold; a classic audiophile quality rock recording--plenty of apparent depth, instruments all over the place, little sound effects (breaking glass, doors opening, etc.), plus terrific guitar work. The CD is good, the vinyl outstanding.
True, true, I would have said the same, but my genteel brother in Jadis simply was faster. Cheers
It's been a long time since Ive seen them mentioned, but do the Bonnie Raitt cds qualify? (i.e., Nick of Time, Luck of the Draw?)
Dire Straits "sultans of swing" HDCD greatest hits CD

Tom Petty "anthology" material from later albums sound great

RadioHead "OK computer" & "bends"

REM "automatic for people"

Roxy Music "avalon" remaster

Cranberries 1st two albums.
if you can find 'em on the right vinyl, these are demo-quality:

various artists, Bis ans Ende der Welt (until the end of the world) ST- german vinyl
eagles, live- japanese vinyl
pink floyd, the final cut- japanese vinyl
dire straits, making movies- canadian half-speed
csn&y, deja vu - mfsl
neil young, harvest -nautilus half-speed
Check out our recording of the Fallen Angels. They remind me of "Desperado"-style Eagles.
Don't know if this fits into your genre, but Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" is IMHO an amazing modern recording - it is explosive, dynamic, has a wealth of detail, subterranean bass etc. Not for the timid - the lyrics are rather dark.