It is truly distressing that when we learn that approximately a half million irreplaceable masters of some of the greatest and often groundbreaking music of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, predominantly American artists, were lost to a fire, that some on this site of supposed audiophiles would rather turn this into a political debate rather than mourn the loss of these masters and use their energy constructively to consider ways that we could band together to encourage better protections for the other priceless masters still out there. Whatever happened to 'we the people'? Do the views of only one camp and their political agenda matter? Or do we all inhabit and love this land, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights? When supposed adults act like petulant 2 year olds, no worse, we have lost much more than priceless masters, we have lost the very basis of these United States of America. If even 'audiophiles' can gloat over the burning of music, I can only imagine the festivities that will take place when books and libraries are set ablaze. 
And here I was, thinking that those "vaults" were dug deep into some mountain with constant temperature, far from any traffic, heavily guarded, under seven locks, behind fireproof doors.

Now I have an impression that I take better care of my "masters" than Universal ever did of theirs.
Do not forget, people around the world enjoy(ed) the music recorded on those masters. It is not only USA  that is at loss.
Absolutely, this is a worldwide loss, with amazing masters from musicians spanning the globe lost. My prior comment did not mean to imply otherwise, only to address the intrusion of politics into a music site in a way that might promote a bit of understanding given the likely sources of those comments. I am sorry for not being clearer. Music is a universal language.
So that was a bear I saw in that hat."

Hello nonoise,
     No, that was the pope just doing his business in the woods.