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I think film preservation is somewhat ahead of the efforts of the music industry. Googling film preservation shows a long standing effort. Celluloid is notorious for it's degradation and I recall temperature controlled vaults being built a long time ago, along with archival steps.

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Read the article yesterday via internet.  Tried to buy a record mentioned-all sold out.  Imho, the advent of the CD changed a lot of the music business models.  Some older artist's catalogues became gold, some not so much.  We will never know the complete loss.  Agree with Dramatictenor, I don't care about your politics, just the Music.
Has the Russian troll farm infiltrated Audiogon? 😮
Or just another Fox News viewer?
1-I think they've always been here.
2-Does the pope wear a funny hat?"

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   I always thought it was 'Does the pope poop in the woods?'

Boy, I'm so embarrassed, I've been saying it wrong for the last 40 years.

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So that was a bear I saw in that hat.