Has the Russian troll farm infiltrated Audiogon? 😮
Or just another Fox News viewer?
1-I think they've always been here.
2-Does the pope wear a funny hat? 

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Thanks for sharing the article about the lost music. A real cultural loss—I suppose those of us who have vinyls of those recordings do have an important artifact. Unfortunately, with all of the unreleased music, we will never know what was lost and how much beauty disappeared from the world on that day. 

For those who went political, I offer you a few questions to ponder on your own dime and your own time: what benefit, psychic or otherwise (certainty, adrenaline release, proud anger), do you receive from forcing a story about lost music into your political worldview? And what costs (feelings of anger, self-righteousness, agita) do you incur? On balance, is your benefit greater than your cost? And why do you think It is acceptable behavior to force the rest of us to take part in your own internal drama?

Please understand-politics matter. Yet when I want political analysis, I don’t turn to A-gon and I am deeply disinterested in opinions that show up here, left, right or center.

I am here for things music and the devices that reproduce it. When things turn political, it means the purpose of this forum is debased, while the political discussions on a music site will of necessity also be limited. Important topics, but the wrong locale. It seems sadly unfair to force those of us here on a music forum to have to weed through off topic posts. 

Might it be possible for those who care deeply about music and politics find separate fora where they can enjoy the appropriate community for each endeavor? 

I would appreciate it if you could  give my request some consideration. 

Thank you. Well said. I’m tired of the political drivel that has shown up on Audiogon. If I want that kind of soapbox I can watch MSNBC, FoxNews or any of the hundred “news” channels. I come here to get away from that and if this becomes the norm myself and others like me will have to find a more relevant forum.