Recording vinyl to CD/MD for portability

I am looking for a quality turntable to play at home but also to record to minidisc soley for portability Any Comments. Can any one suggest a good midrange turntable.
Used Linn Basik or Axis with K9 cartridge. Have a dealer look it over and tune it up.
REGA PLANAR - 25 is a great table for the money with the right catridge. Replace the mat with a better one.(you might try the Ring Mat)If you don't have a cleaning machine try the Disk Doctor cleaning kit from the Needle Doctor it is a lot of work if you have a large collection but the results are worth it! (800-229-0644)I get most of my supplys there. Enjoy!
the rega planar 3 is as good as youll need, and the music hall mmf for 300 is just fine. you can start with mmf for reasonable $ and graduate to exceelent when you have more moola.
VPI HW-19jr. I've done the same thing, onto DAT, and even edited the ticks and pops out on my computer. I'll be burning it onto a CD. VERY REWARDING...almost as much fun as playing vinyl in the first place...