Recording vinyl onto Marantz CDR 640, Please help

Does anyone out there have experience of Marantz pro CD recorder, ideally a CDR 640?

I have a recently bought a Marantz CDR 640 to record form my turntable (LP12 Lingo/Aro) onto CD. I do not have a manual and was struggling to get to it all connected to receive an analog input. I gave up with two pairs of RCA cables and replaced one pair with XLRs, which luckily I had and I was using to connect my NAD S100 per-amp to my S200 power amp.

I can no get a weak analog signal, but even when the recording level button at the max the recording is very low.

There appears to be others input settings but without the manual I don't have a clue. Either the machine is faulty or there's something I need to adjust.

Any advice would be very, very gratefully received.
You cannot take the output directly from the turntable and into the CDR. First you must run the output of the turntable into either a preamp (or receiver) which has a Phono input or to a Phono preamplifier. This will raise the output of the phono so that you can then get a loud enough signal to record. Then, take the output of the preamplifier (or receiver) and run this into the CDR. Now you should be able to make your recording...

Rlwainwright is correct. I have been using a Marantz CDR-632 for several years now. If you have any other questions, please post them.