Recording Streaming Audio?

I use a Bluesound Node 2 for streaming. Can I run the Node's digital output to a cd recorder or other recording device? Would the scenario change any if I ran the Node's digital  input to a dac that has a digital output, like pro audio gear and some consumer products offer? Would this be considered pirating? (I realize this isn't exactly a pc audio topic but I thought this would be the best place) Thanks for any input
Not sure of the connections on your device, but maybe you could run your input into a laptop/desktop running inexpensive recording software (TotalRecorder, and others) and capture it there as a MP3, flac or other file type as selected in the software. As for legality, don't know.
This may be useful to know, I use a software program called Sound Tap Streaming Recorder. It records anything you stram and you can record in MP3 , flac and wav also at different bit rates if you are so inclined. They also make an editor called Sound Pad Wave editor and you get I think 30 days to evaluate it. I puchased the Sound Tap software about an hour after the install as I was so pleased with the results. Give it a try it can't do any harm.