recording shows from cable TV?

whats the best way to record a show - for example - a tennis match from Tennis Channel into some format that I will be able to keep forever. I have the regular DVR box that allows me to record from Time Warner, but I have to get a new box at least once per year since the box craps out. Maybe onto some permanent storage system that I can keep forever? Maybe something better exists nowadays? suggestions
I have not heard of long term issues with TIVO.
I would get a DVD recorder or use a VCR. Any box like cable DVR or TIVO uses a hard drive which is more prone to failure than a DVD-R or tape.
so, if I buy a DVD-recorder, I would just take the signal out from the cable box, then go into the DVD recorder, then go into the TV? Isnt the cable box smart enough to stop my ability to record certain channels?
I think if you use digital signal feeds to your TV and go analog audio and lower video feeds you can get around copy protection, just a trial and error thing.
whats the best way to record a show - for example - a tennis match from Tennis Channel into some format that I will be able to keep forever

What OS are you currently using on your computer ?

Have you thought about this :
The analog outputs from your cable box into your DVD recorder ,should work.That's what I do.Of course it's standard definition.Before that,I used a VCR.Try to buy one with a 30 day return,just to be on the safe side, but I never ran into a copy guard.
I'm pretty sure that you can record a show on your DVR (for ease of initial "capture"), and then output it to a DVD recorder.
The last I tried a DVD recorder (several years ago) I fed the analog audio/video from my cable box to the recorder. It worked fine but it would not copy anything from HBO.
Riley804..nailed it. Win7 PC with a tuner card or HDHomerun and a external HD will do exactly what you're asking. I do it all the time.
IN my area,the cable company charges a premium for the Tennis Channel.A friend who plays tennis in a different area,different cable company,also pays extra for the Tennis Channel.With that said,if Goldenears has to pay a premium to receive it,he will need his cable box,or something that has a cable card,and only some TV sets have that option,that I can think of.You still may have to pay extra for it,even with the card, depending on your company,and area.A cable card takes place of the cable box,but has its limits.No video on demand,or anything else that needs the box to talk to the cable servers,to turn on features.I would be guessing if it is over channel 100(ballpark number),it needs the cable box to be viewed,or recorded. It usually falls out of the basic cable range most of the time.
The HDHomerun does have a cable card option.I didn't check the others.If it is premium,the OP may still have to get the tuner card(that plugs into this device)from TWC,and may have to pay extra for it,and ask TWC if it will work.
Links for cable card if needed in place of box if it is a premium service.[][]
hi and thanks for the suggestions, I've been out of town for a few days and just got back to my computer
That HDHomerun with the Cable Card option might not be on the market yet.I'm not up to date on computer based gear.But,I'm guessing a cable card option may be still needed,for the Tennis Channel,that involves any premium channel recording done without a cable box.