Recording quality of Dorian?

I noticed that Dorian has a lot of recordings in the kinds of music I like. What do you think about their recording quality - from your experience, how good are they? Where do they stand comparing to the best (Chesky, Audioquest, MA, etc)?
I have never been disappointed by the quality of Dorian CD's. Apart from the ones you mentioned, which are more focused on audiophile issues, as opposed to musical performances, Dorian has excellent performances as well as sonics. I put them in the same category as Hyperion, Bis, Harmonia Mundi, Delos, and some others.
Absolutely agree with Newbee. Dorian has been one of the "audiophile" labels for a long time in terms of their sonics, and their smaller ensemble recordings from the acoustic gem called the Troy Music Hall, which is the town where they are or were originally headquartered, are among the best you'll ever hear. The ensembles and artists they record are top-notch musicians too--one of them, the New York Kammermusic ensemble, often performs in the lobby of my building, and I will always take time out from my day to hear them play. They have recently merged with Reference Recordings; I'd say that it is not a step down for either of those companies.
I think they are good, but I will not put them in the same
level of chesky,XRCD,reference recording,mapleshade.
opus,or grove note,IMO.
BTW, what about Reference Recording - I expected huge jump in quality, but was quite disappointed from their Reveries CD - very noticeable hum, noises, and background strings sound hissing... Something wrong with me or with the CD?
Dmitrydr: I never noticed anything wrong with the Reveries CD. Will have to listen to it again, but I'm not sure what you're talking about--any specific tracks? There is a very light bass drum roll in the Sibelius which might be the "hum" you're referring to?
Hum/hiss from the speakers, very similar to a regular hum from amp, but some stronger, appears permanently when I play this CD... Since on other CDs there was no such a problem, I concluded that there is something wrong with recording there.
On the first track some background strings appear... they sound kinda strange, with kind of hissing, I tried on two different setups: with and w/o HDCD. Without HDCD it appears stronger...
I think the noise you hear is outside traffic.
I hear it on some Dorian CD's too.
I have always been happy with Dorian purchases.
Have you noticed difference in quality between what they call xCD and their regular CDs?