Recording DVD-Audio?

Do I need a special program to record DVD-A?
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Check out the Diskwelder software to author DVD-Audio disk.
Thank you for your input.I will check Diskwelder out.
there is also a freeware program available that will author true DVD-Audio discs:
DVD Audio Tools

Additionally, you can download the freeware "DVD-Audiofile" which is just a windows GUI for the DVD Audio tools program, and allows you to author a DVD-Audio disc without having to use the DOS command line :) Download that here:

these programs will create a disc image, so the result is an ISO file on your hard drive. from there, it's as simple as burning the image to disc. I personally use ImgBurn (great freeware program), but almost any DVD burning software should allow you to burn a disc image (.ISO) to a DVD.
Just a thought, now that DVD-A has been pretty much abandoned, could the format be useful as a DRM free format for us hi-fi guys?

Steinberg's Wavelab series of software has some very affordable offerings that will author DVD-Audio.