Recording Analog Backups to PC and CD

Seeing as LPs slowly degrade, I wanted to make 96KHz 24bit PCM copies to put on my PC and on CD (for use in the car or when travelling).

What do people recommend as the best hardware and software solutions to use for a Windows computer? I'm also looking to get software that will clean up any aberrations in the vinyl (pops, clicks, etc, etc), so any recommendations for a top to bottom solution would be highly appreciated.

Money is not an issue, so post whatever you think is going to work best. I'm not interested in buying separate digital versions since often the are not mastered the same, and with lower quality than the LP versions fairly often nowadays.


- Jeff
I have no experience with this but he makes a strong case for 16/192. I have his DAC and it is incredible. You can play back your 16/192 recordings through his DAC at the same rate. Worth checking out.

I would also consider how much time you have to devote to this project.

LPs must be recorded in real time, you have to actually play the record vs. just slipping in a CD to rip in a few minutes. Once you factor playing the disc and then sitting down and editing the file, cutting out the noise at the beginning and end of the record, the re-recording you'll have to do because you set the levels too high and clipped the recording (digital clipping isn't pretty), dividing it into tracks, labeling everything, correcting for pops/clicks. You are easily going to have an hour or more invested in each LP.

I started down this path but gave it up after finding how much time and effort it took.
If you really want to do a professional job, all you need is the opposite of a DAC (digital to analog converter). You need an analog to digital converter. These are not hard to find. There are many models/brands available. Just do a search.

Even MSB Technology, maker of the "Link DAC" has made them. See link below.

Have fun...
Does anyone know of a really inexpensive USB A/D converter for a non-audiophile friend who wants to transfer records? Thanks.
I decided to spend the extra cash and just get a Tascam DVRA1000HD so I can make DVD audios that will play on any DVD player.

It depends on what you mean by inexpensive. I researched products all night tonight and found a lot of solutions. You might want to check out the Roland Eiderol products.
Jkalman - I mean cheap-cheap. Like something you find on ebay that a talented person overseas is making and selling!
There are a few CD recorders made by sony and some other companies that have RCA inputs that you could hook up to your system and do some vinal ripping with...My dad has a setup like this.
Check out iVinyl. It is imported exclusively by member Audioparts. I have been using it with outstanding results. Its a USB A/D converter complete with all software. Fremer at Stereophile had a great review for it as well in July. I am not associated with the product but I have copied over 150 of my LP's to CD and am VERY satisfied with this great product.
Oh, and on NPR a few weeks ago I heard of some unit that actually takes a digital photograph of the groves of the album and uses that information to make WAV files. Sounds kind of interesting and I wish I could remember the name of the product...It would get rid of the need to have a TT at all...
i am ripping my vinyl to hi res dvd I am finally getting around to taking some of the vinyl recordings off

My Polaroid DVD DVR hard drive and DVD recorder.
The DVR hard drive records the vinyl as LPCM or MPEG2.
This is Hi Res sound!! When I play vinyl and file from hard drive of DVR
on my high end system the two sources are indistinguishable from each other

I have program that rips the DVD AUDIO mpeg 2 out of the DVD I make
I can rip it out in original format .mpa or the other formats lossless mp3
I am outputting to both formats mpa and mp3

I have a fairy high end turntable and am using XLO interconnects
I record with subwoofer off as to minimize vibrations also

there is strange sound at 15 to 16 minutes don't know what causes it
I will play the vinyl again to see if it is on the record

the vinyl has not been processed in any way and is not broken into
tracks. I need a vpi record cleaner but have not afforded one yet.

the first disc i am making available for download is
Urania Stars Singing Opera Arias 1950s
unfortunately after making this transfer a week or two ago
I seem to have misfiled the vinyl itself and this prevents
me from giving you more info about the record itself.
I must have misfiled it!! I will look some more to tell you who
the artists are!!!