Record you spin on a rainy Saturday w/ family gone

Sitting here, flipping through my collection, on a rainy saturday wondering what vynil to load. Too overcast for the uplifting Beatles, too overcast for the mellow Pink Floyd. Would consider Hendrix or Neil Young...... Wondering what everyone listens to on days like these, oh the possabilities!
Living in Seattle, the winter provides many rainy Saturdays (as well as Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.) both with and without family. I tend to have Rainy Saturday tastes in music anyway (read; towards the darker, more austere side). So you could open one of my CD drawers to find mostly music that would fit the bill.

I'll spare you the potentially huge list and just pick a few favorites that come to the top of my head (by the way, it's not raining here right now - it's quite nice in fact...for the moment):

Anything by Tom Waits - I think on one of his recent efforts there's a cut titled "Make it Rain"

Damien Jurado - OK, this is getting really dark now. I think Damien is from this area too, so like two other favorites Elliot Smith, and Nick Drake, both of whom took their own lives, he may be influenced by the climate! Try listening to his cut, "Amateur Night" off of the CD, "Where Shall You Take Me".

Antony (& the Johnsons) - love his EP, "The Lake" where he does a gorgeous interpretation of an Edgar Allan Poe poem by the same title.

Over the Rhine, The Innocence Mission, Mary Gauthier, Jim White...the list goes on.

With the theme of rain
Eurithmics, "Here Comes the Rain Again"
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD), "Crush"
Tom Waits, "Make it Rain" and "Rain Dogs" from the album by the same title.

I haven't touched jazz or classical or avant garde stuff since your post seems focused on popular. And guess what, as I finish up writing this post it JUST STARTED RAINING outside!! Go figure.

Doing the same in MA. Neil Young Greats Hits for starters then probably move to CSN and onto RUSH!!!
"Rainy Day...Dream Away"
Put on Neil Young's "harvest moon" and listen to a PERFECT album with lyrics to ponder beyond when your family comes home!
Try this: Mary Gauthier's, "Mercy Now"... You can get it on Acoustic Sounds...

Greendale is another lesser known great Neil Young spin.
See AudioAsylum, specifically the Vinyl Asylum. This is practically all that's left over there.

"What's spinnin', dudes?"

Please, please, please! Let's not start this here!
I live in Seattle too.

If I want to boost my personal energy to get things done on a grey day, I like something like Buddy Rich's "Swingin' New Big Band," which totally blasts away the grey and the mist. In fact, a whole lot of vintage jazz can cheer me up, such as Ella and Louis (I have vols. I & II on LP), some Gene Krupa, Stormy Monday--Lou Rawls' debut album from 1962 with Less McCann's triod--Classic!

For smaller scale that fits the day and mood better I like Moondance by Van Morrison, Bright Size Life or Question and Answer by Pat Metheny (both trio albums), or any number of things from ECM in the '70s--Gary Burton, Ralph Towner, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, etc.
Rainy Day...Dream Away,
Hendrix knows what to do on a rainy day, no getting uptight here in the Northwest.
Another favorite LP for my rainy days alone is Dr. Johns- Gumbo Music.
Well Sunday is upon me and still raining. Some very good suggestions thus far, keep them coming. Thinking for today's line up: The Who (Love reign o'er me), Clapton (Let it rain), Greatful Dead (Box of rain), etc. I have decided to embrace the rain!
How about "Rainy Day Music" by the Jayhawks? Play it from front to back--some nice mellow acoustic songs coupled with a few up tempo numbers so you don't loose your will to live. Nicely recorded and melodically sublime.
I have two I listen to on rainy days. Side two of Caravan's IN THE LAND OF GRAY AND PINK and John Klemmer's album LIFESTYLES.
Vibist Gary Burton did a collaboration album with jazz violin legend Stephane Grappelli called "Paris Encounter." It has one of the most achingly beautiful renditions of "Here's That Rainy Day" you could hope for.

John Fogerty/CCR: "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

Gordon Lightfoot: "Rainy Day People" Actually, the whole "Gord's Gold" double album is a great one for a rainy day. one knows me from Adams house cat so I'll spill. I'm sure its just remembering a time in my life but..."Shadow Dancing" Andy Gibb!....There...I said it! My name is Dean and I'm a Gibb fan. will empty a room of unwanted teenagers too.
Nice to see a plug for Caravan!

Waterloo Lily is a much underrated classic album with those guys.

Richard Sinclair is one of my favorite bass players. He has done some great playing with Caravan and Camel for an album or two as well.
Anything by Low, and if I had to pick one, it would be Trust.
Drive by Tuckers - Southern Rock Opera....cranked! Followed by Page and Plant No Quarter......
No Quarter is a great and often overlooked album. Several better than original versions of Zeppelin classics + nice recording to boot.

The best-EVER!!!
Wow I forgot one of my all time rainy day records David Crosby's first solo effort "If I Could Only Remember My Name" with Traction In the Rain.
America's 1st album. perfect. ditto on Young's Harvest moon. How about....
Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline.
Gregg Allman's Laid Back &
Al Stewart' Year of the Cat.
More "perfect" pop/rock albums that come to mind IMHO:

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Elton John
"Seventh Sojourn" - Moody Blues
"Foxtrot" especially "Suppers Ready" - Genesis
"Abbey Road" - you know who
"Moonmadness" and "Breathless" - Camel
Wow, I would have never thought of Year of the Cat on a rainy day. Great LP though.
Never rains here.
Family usually gone.
Table always spins.
Mark Knopfler holds present sway.
Might change if it rains.
First pressing issuance of JH's Electric Ladyland. Go to 1983...a Merman I should turn to be and CRANK it (105+ dB). The drum solo on a stacked ESL57 system is not to be believed!! Mitch Mitchell (a.k.a. Bob Dylan's Grandmother) plays at an incredible level to keep on par with Jimi's guitarwork.

After that slide down in volume a bit and play "Rainy day, Dream Away".

THEN go to The Doors "Riders on the Storm" (with the lights out, of course) BUT it must be a first issuance LP (die cut cover) to get the Full effect of Morrison's farewell.

Then you can eventually relax into Brook Benton's "Rainy night in Georgia" (yes, on vinyl - go to the "Solid Gold" LP if need be).

After that the family will probably return home or the Telly will ring. If so...."repeat as needed". 8^)
Today starts with electric ladyland....Thanks Jimi

Gypsy Passion (Andre Kostelanitz on lovely Columbia stereo vinyl.

Donovan Greatest Hits (CD)

Terrapin Station Grateful Dead (so-so original 70's vinyl)
Well, rainy summer thus far and another weekend stuck in...... Suggestions??
Another Seattleite here. I've been a long-time big band fan, so when I need to energize an empty house I put on Buddy Rich Big Band, lots of it, and also some Harry James Sheffield D2D recordings, and Don Ellis Big Band. Always perks me up and helps me get some things done on an otherwise sleepy day.
Well, I'm at work and mom is home with the little one so play these for me! In order!

Mozart Adagio for Piano
Bach Cello Suites
Brahms Cello Sonatas
Albinoni Adagio for Bass
Nick Drake Pink Moon
Joni Mitchell Blue
James Taylor Mud Slide Slim
David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name
Emmy Lou Harris Wrecking Ball
Beck Sea Change
Try "Macalla" by Clannad. Years ago, listening to the opening track of this, on home-recorded tape, while driving through the Scottish Borders or Highlands it was like being engulfed in a vast natural cathedral which seemed like an extension of the song. Awe inspiring! There is also an incredible duet with Bono(U2) on the track "In a Lifetime".

Another for a rainy day is "Tales of Mystery & Imagination" by the Alan Parsons Project - especially the long piece entitled the "Fall of the House of Usher" which features a thunderstorm. Listen to this through good panel speakers/Stats and you'll be able to "see" the rain splattering the flagstones behind your loudspeakers - as well as the stuff outside :)