Record weights

  Just wondering what you folks consider acceptable poundage for these things. In my shopping Ive seen weights vary between 7 oz up to 3 lbs! I just want enough weight to be effective without killing my TT ( Clearaudio Concept wood)  Thanks for your thoughts.

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My current favorite is the Oyaide STB-MS, which allows you to vary mass from 200g to 440g in increments of 40g. I stay light at 200g on my Lenco, in part out of concern for its bearing, and in part because too much mass can damp dynamics on that turntable..

I also have the HRS Analog Disc, Clearaudio Twister, and Orsonic DS-200g, but the Oyaide sounds best on the Lenco.

When I had an Innovation Wood, I used the Clearaudio Statement weight, which was fantastic. If it wasn’t so heavy I’d have kept it. Like the Durand (judging from Folkfreak’s description), if makes contact only at three points on the record surface. The contacts are are tiny ball bearings of different sizes set into ceramic shafts that supposedly drain vibration into the interior of the weight. The body is layered Panzerholtz and metal (stainless steel, I think), and the spindle collar is also ceramic, the same material as the ’table’s ceramic bearing. Really well thought-out and well-engineered piece, IMO, and it sounded great. Pricey, though, at $1K.