Record Weight "Inner Groove Distortion"

Has anyone experienced a record weight causing inner groove distortion?  I recently took that out of the equation after spend countless hours checking my setup, only to find with the record weight out of the equation was my issue for the most part resolved?  The records that I had a hard time listening to became listenable again.

Any thoughts? 
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For many years, I was a record weight deny-er.  Then I started experimenting with the record weight that is part of the Kenwood L07D "system", made back in the day by Kenwood for the L07D.  Weighs about 4 lbs.  I don't think there's anything special about the materials used, and in fact I am no believer in magical hardwoods or things of that sort.  However, the Kenwood weight cleans up the sound on any of my record players, including the L07D.  If anything, I would expect a weight to have most effect on the outer grooves, but no, I hear no inner groove problem.  What would be the mechanism for what you think you hear?
thegoldenear: while I believe your TT needs to be disclosed in the context of this thread, I've had more realized results with weights since my TT/arm has improved over the years. I've noticed no inner/outer distortion with any weights I've used, mostly increased listening pleasure within my current system. I would think that sort of issue would be the caused by set-up?