Record Weight for JA Michell GyroDec SE

Has anyone used a Transrotor or VPI record weight/clamp (non threaded) with a GyroDec turntable? I do not like the JA Michell weight that came with the turntable, but am not sure if another weight like the Transrotor (one that comes on the FatBoy) would fit the Michell. Thanks
I use to sell the Michell, but it was some time ago. I think the SOTA clamp would fit. It works well on my Basis Ovation.
I am using a Basis clamp on my TecnoDec with very good results. I used to use it on a GyroDec and it worked equally well there... more extended bass and a bit less bright in the upper midrange.
Take a look at the bren1 record clamp here on agon. I make the unthreaded weight and offer a guarantee.