Record weight / clamp for Thorens MK II

Hey, all,

I have a long-in-the-tooth Thorens TD 125 MKII turntable, and a bunch of old records that need a record weight/clamp.

I use a KAB Speed Strobe for accurate speed checking with stylus drag and weight, so the clamp needs to come on and off easily without affecting the delicate speed settings any more than necessary.

Any suggestions for this vinyl to digital archiver?

I'd really like to get this one, but I can't find it anywhere, so far:

It would let me check the speed with the weight on.

Souther Clever Clamp $30 - clamps it down, does not add mass/weight.
Thanks, Joe,

My problem with clamping is that it probably requires me to apply the clamp while the Turn table is turned off - either that or it would put a serious brake on the platter and belt in the process.

While my Thorens is certainly designed to actually let me stop the platter while it's running, doing so would probably affect the carefully set speed.

My Speed Strobe sheet must lay on the platter or record, so if I use a clamping weight I risk that on the next restart the speed won't be accurate.
Does anyone have any additional suggestions for a record weight/clamp for a Thorens TD 125 Mark II turntable? I was hoping to keep it under $100 and also not have to adjust the suspension on it. Thanks in advance everyone.