Record Surface Noise Question

On records with even a mild noisy surface, I'm hearing it only in the right channel for more than the first half of the record and then pretty balanced when it gets past the middle through the end. Is this an alignment issue? I've tried to adjust anti-skate (I can do it on the fly) and it doesn't affect this at all. It happens on new or new-to-me used or old records that I've had forever. Everything. Arm is a Moerch UP4 and I use the MintLP protractor.
Have you checked azimuth? Go to a camera repair store and get a mirror that is silvered on the front of it (old, used camera mirrors are this way - most mirrors are silvered on the back side which won't give you as accurate an image) it on your turntable and check that the reflection of your cartridge is parallel to the actual cartridge with the cartridge resting on the mirror. If it looks like its leaning to one side or the other, straighten it out by shimming the proper side.
Your Moerch UP4, (being a unipivot) lets you change/adjust the azimuth with the counterweight(s). Try very slightly moving/swinging the dropped counterweight to the left.

I've owned both the Moerch UP4 and DP6 and they are a little harder to get setup just right.
Thanks for the suggestion. Left while I'm looking at it from the front?