Record stores in New Orleans .....

I'll be in New Orleans the end of this month, and would love to buy a bunch of LP's ..... any recommendations for good stores ? Thanks.
I love N'awlins. Not sure I would want to there on
Halloween? Be careful and stay away from the Voodoo shops.
I have bought records there, but can't remember where the
stores were/are...sorry!

I did find this:
Thanks a lot Mofi !! That's a fantastic link you posted, and I appreciate it. Exactly what I was looking for...... And, yes, we'll be in N'awlins over Halloween. Mighty spooky stuff, with awesome food and great music. It should be a fun filled four days.
For a real special treat, see if you can swing by the
Prytania Theatre at midnight for the showing of the Rocky
Horror Picture Show.

I promise you the time of your life. I've been there
probably a dozen times and it just gets better.

This is the show that everyone dresses up like the
characters on screen and bring props for "audience
participation". It's really really cool!!!

Have fun and stay out of trouble.
If you can only go to one make it The Louisiana Music Factory at 210 Decatur St. on the periphery of the Quarter. Massive selection.
Off topic:
If you want to sample the live music scene, come down to Frenchmen St.
There are 10 live music clubs in this 3 block area.
I'm at a club that features modern jazz but you'll find funk, rock, blues on Frenchmen St. as well.

LA Music Factory would be my choice if you only have time for one shop.

Enjoy your visit
Try to have a meal at Commanders Palace if you can. It's a great place.
second on louisana music factory. Purchased lots from them. A few shops also along magazine, but the factory is the best i have found in NO.

If you dont want to ante up the bucks for commanders palace (wonderful resturant), try Irenes on St Phillips. You will not be disappointed. But its easy to find great chow in NO.
Thanks for all the great ideas about music and food. About a billion great restaurants in New Orleans. This time around, we're planning on dinners at Emeril's Delmonico, Bayona, Desire, and and a few others. I will definitely spend some time at the Louisiana Music Factory !
..there are lots of great restaurants in New Orleans...Commanders is only one of the best. I found that New Orleans doesn't have many good record shops...As you travel around town listening to the many groups...when you like them, ask for their own recordings. I got lots of great music that way
IMO, the trouble with many NO restaurants is they go overboard making sure you know you're in NO. Too much butter, spice and garlic. I'm not speaking from a health point of view - I'm talking about flavor. Commanders, Redfish Grill and many others know how to keep the NO flavor without overpowering all the food with spices. LaBoca in the warehouse district is a very nice steak place with an Argentinian/NO flair. Chef Adolfo Garcia knows what he's doing. Enjoy.
For live music, check out Frenchmen Street.