Record Store Day (RSD) Drop #3-Today!

Just returned from the third and final RSD of the year, (well, there will be the normal Black Friday RSD).

This list was the smallest of the three drops.  Wasn't a whole lot that interested me, but I got:

Miles Davis-Double Image (Rare Miles From The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions)
David Gray-Please Forgive Me (12" Pink/Red Colored Vinyl)
Warren Zevon-Zevon's Greatest Hits (According To Judd Apatow)
Various Artists-OST-The Virgin Suicides (Really Cool Red Splatter Vinyl)

Hope next year, we can do RSD as normal.  This year was weird, but I'm glad it still happened.  They could have just cancelled the whole event, so I'll take what we got...
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I picked up a few:

Grateful Dead Box Set
Both Dexter Gordon titles
Mingus Ah Um Redux
Allman Brothers 2LP Live 

I got the last copy of the Allman Brothers release and another customer offered me $100 for it.  I said no.  

Only missed out on one thing I wanted.  Other than that it was a good day.

My local record store had people line up at 9 and then they got a time slot to come back for five minutes. I don't remember what all I got but there was some Cheap Trick, Judas Priest, UFO, and a few other things. I was only planning to get four or five records and ended up with a pile.