Record Store Day postponed due to Corona Virus

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Sounds like wishful thinking, Mr. Potato Head.
Tell me that again in two weeks’ time.

You won’t have to wait that long for me to call you Mr. Potato Head. 🥔  The US mortality rate is going down. ⬇️ Italy’s is going up. 🔝

One week down. Still of the same opinion now, Mr. Numbskull?
It’s still true, Mr. Potato Head 🥔 Try to keep up with the discussion.

United States Coronavirus Cases:79,082 Deaths:1,143

Mortality rate = 1.45%

Italy Coronavirus Cases:80,589 Deaths:8,215

Mortality rate = 10.2%
Right you are.  Lets give it another week then, since you're evidently being wilfully blind as well as pig ignorant. 
You’re pretending to be dense, right?