record store day: missed the CAKE

Did not know there was going to be an 8 box set :|. Anyone know if there will be additional releases? I will pay $200 including shipping if the box is still sealed. Such a limited release like this just encourages these to be bought up and resold at more than 2x the price, again :|.
Seems like the vinyl set will be available through Cake's website:

"Coming soon...the CAKE Vinyl Box Set...Eight CAKE albums manufactured on 175g audiophile quality colored vinyl with fully restored artwork for each title and remastered for optimum vinyl sound."
The Cake example is the prime reason why RSD is the biggest POS around.

So many copies being resold on eBay by turds who are in it for the quick profit, not to listen to it.

I wish the record company would now just press more copies for general release.
I'm thinking this is just a vicious cycle and the actual diehard fans of the bands who make special releases for Record Store Day gets screwed.

The good part is the local record stores that participate get more traffic and sales. Some extra money for them. The e-tailers where the bums who flip those RSD exclusives for crazy money get their commissions and those bum sellers get money to spend elsewhere. Then when RSD comes around again there will be even more exclusives and releases. I think this years PDF list of records for RSD was 3 pages more than last years. The only thing that sucks is the real fan of the bands. we have to wait for the prices to come down or pay the inflated price for the record. Ugh.
I was really want Death Cab's live release and not one of the five stores in town even got it. Must have just been posted straight to ebay....

Definitely plenty of those 24 hour song flaming lips LPs floating around.
That's good info. Wonder the price (probably $125 - the price at RSD)and how many will be available?
Let's hope the additional release is true, soon and they make enough for everyone that wants one...
They probably will but the price may hover around $250 to $260 for the set. I checked a popular auction site's completed sold listings for the CAKE LP set mentioned here and the price range was from $210 up to $350. Most sold listings are around the mid $200s.

I wonder if certain labels are using RSD as an experiment to see what albums may or may not sell and how much they can price LPs at for their bands later.
This from Cake's Facebook page, posted on May 20:

"They are making more... I got word 2 weeks ago that ETA is 12 weeks, so 10 weeks left!"
Just got email and the presale is on:


Dear CAKE Listeners: WE HAVE HEARD YOU...

As promised, we are making an additional quantity of the 8-
disc vinyl box set available via pre-order campaign.

The CAKE Vinyl Box Set is comprised of eight CAKE albums
manufactured on 175g audiophile quality colored vinyl with
fully restored artwork for each title and remastered for
optimum vinyl sound.

From the band's critically acclaimed debut album,
"Motorcade of Generosity," to their #1 Billboard
album chart debut "Showroom of Compassion," the
CAKE box set includes every recording of the band's 20 year
career as well as a previously unreleased live album,
"Live From The Crystal Palace.”

Looks like the website is not updated yet as they might want
to give first chance to the people that registered for the
additional presale.
I received mine yesterday. I played two albums. They are both very quiet, no clicks or pops whatsoever. I think the sound quality is excellent.
I made a "late" effort just for the one copy of the "Cake" box at my local store. I was denied! I watched the lucky guy walk out of the store with it.

I feel your pain dude.