Record Store Day...

How'd you make out?
I'm off to The Record Store in Howell N.J.
Googled it and there was a list of participating local record shops within a 30 mile radius
"How'd you make out? "

Since it isn't until Saturday (4/19/14), I don't know yet :-)

I am going to a few stores in Denver just like the past 10 years. I made out really well last year, so hopefully this year will be kind to me also...
Here in Oklhoma with only a few options. From the list, I'm hoping to nab the following:

1. REM - Unplugged 4 LP set
2. The The - Giant 12 inch
3. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Score to West of Memphis LP
I drove to the record store only to find out its Saturday.
I did pick up a green label Workingman's Dead, the Members first two albums from England and a Dynagroove RCA recording of the 'New York Shakespeare Public Theater presents Hair' 1967 in immaculate condition. I collect recordings of Hair so this was a real treat. All for $14.00.
The store was vague on what they might have offer this Sat. Suggesting I arrive at 6am for a 10am opening. I think not.
I am being told the REM 4 disc vinyl has been cancelled
Moonguy...who told you that? I have actually seen this title and it's real and has been shipped out to dealers. Not sure how many, but it's out there.
REM website and Facebook sites have it still released on RSD. Posted on their sites as of April 15.
I was told that by 2 independent record stores.I am in Canada, so maybe in the States the REM is a go. I really wanted it.
On the RSD site it says its a 'limited, regional release.' Not sure what that means other than probably < 1000 pressed. Crossing my fingers I get one without getting raped by eBay.
If you in the Boulder, Co area check out
Absolute Vinyl Records and Stereo
5360 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Phone (303) 955-1519
It's a great store and you should find many treasures their.
Mike Mills will be at Bull Moose on RSD to sign copies, so I'm assuming that they will have some.

Like I said above, I have seen it and held it in my hands, so I know at least a few are out there. This one is mine, but I have to wait until Saturday to bring it home.

Here is the article about Mike Mills:
HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY!!! My favorite holiday of the year!!!

Here is my take from today:

David Bowie - 1984 Picture Disc (US 7-inch)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - The '69 Singles(10-inch)

Deep Purple - Made in Japan "Black Night" (live in Osaka)/"Woman from Tokyo" (2x7-inch)

Mayer Hawthorne / Shintaro Sakamoto - Split Single (7-inch)

Gram Parsons - Alternate Takes from GP and Grievous Angel (2LP)

Bruce Springsteen - American Beauty (12-inch EP)

Fleetwood Mac Dragonfly b/w The Purple Dancer Purple Vinyl 7"

RPM Turntable Football 7" (game)

Haim Forever 12" (features exclusive remix by Giorgio Moroder)

Civil Wars, The Live at Eddie's Attic LP

Various Artists Faux Real (Compilation of bands covering songs made famous by fictional bands such as Eddie & the Cruisers, Josie & The Pussycats, etc.)

REM Unplugged (4LP Box) (features entire MTV unplugged sessions including material that didn't air on program)

Jett, Joan and the Blackhearts Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth (Pink Vinyl, numbered LP (4000 copies)

Overall an EXCELLENT haul. Sorry, I know a lot of you are really against RSD, but for me, it's like my Birthday, Christmas and New Years all rolled into one...
New: DMB live trax, Big's life after death, jar of flies.
Used: cure staring at the sea, Dylan basement collection.

Haven't been into DMB since college. Looking forward to dropping the needle.
The REM Unplugged is fantastic. Great recording and super quiet vinyl. Superb. Believe it or not, worth the $90 I paid for it.
Every day is record store day in my house!!
Gram Parsons; Flaming Lips; Doors; Nirvana; Spanish Gold; White Denim.

Missed out on Centro-Matic
I went to the little antique store that also sells records in Marietta, GA and there was a line of about 60-80 people at 1030AM, 30 minutes before the store opened. I decided it was not worth the pain to fight the crowd and I would be at the wrong end of the line so I went home and listened to vinyl. I don't remember it being this crazy in years past, maybe they should set it up for a holiday and spring version if the demand is this good now.