record storage question

I want to install shelving along an outside wall to hold my LP's and CD's. Will the back of the LP's get too cold? Is this detrimental to the records being colder on one half? Thanks in advance. Joe
This is an interesting question. Personally, I wouldn't want it, just to be on the safe side.
Praggmatic solution.... Don't store them against the wall itself. Put a little space between the wall and the record cover. An inch should be plenty. Then there is no worry.
"Is outside wall outside house?
Keeping them outdoors not good idea."

I hope you're joking...
Get some cork matting with an adhesive backing or corrugated cardboard with double sided tape and stick it on the wall . It should provide enough of an insulating factor in a heated room . Either one can be painted to look nicer .

Good luck
No, The LP's would be inside the house. The other side of the wall is outside. Joe
IMO, w/o any real data or calculations to support I'm thinking that unless you live in Antarctica, you can store your records on an outside wall w/o fear of any damage due to cold. I really don't think you need to paste cardboard on your walls. Not to mention the damage the cold will do to you when you end up sleeping outside.
In my opinion, if the wall is insulated you have no worries. The outside wall is where your floor is the strongest and can support the most weight. If the vinyl gets a little cold, I can't see why it would cause any issues in playback. First off when you take the record to your TT it will start re-acclimate to the ambient temp of the room. Which may be 2-6 degrees warmer or cooler depending on wall insulation R factor. After all the records were shipped in trucks that had no climate control, and they see, to play fine. That is my thoughts, other may dis agree, but that is the reason for the forum. You choose the logic you wish to adhere to.
As long as the wall is not facing the sun for most of the day there should be no problem, in my area SE is to be avoided. I am selling a pair of speakers and if you look at the pictures you will see my wall of albums behind the chairs. That is an outside wall. Another issue will be weight, make sure you reinforce the floor if not in the basement.