Record storage?


In the past few months since re-entering analogue, I've managed to collect a lot of records and need to put them somewhere neatly.

Does anyone manufacture record storage cases or shelving anymore? How are you storing your treasures? Years ago, we used to use milk crates.

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If you have an Ikea store within driving distance, their Expedit or Bonde bookcases/shelf units are perfectly sized for storing LPs.
Congrats on being back in vinyl!
The Rackit system is fabulous - google it up and you'll be set for life.
Enjoy the music!
Check out the Music Direct brand shelving at Music Direct. Nice looking shelves.
Sam's Club has some nice bookshelves that are actually deep enough for vinyl. The shelving is adjustable and has a center wall so the weight won't warp the shelves. They are about 4' wide by 6' tall. Happy hunting.
Check out the Ikea Effektiv (sp?) series. You can get a wood plinth and doors with this series (there are no photos of the wooden base option in the current catalog). I love mine, they are studier than most Ikea units. I installed the doors without handles so that my 2 year old can't open them.
I also think that I saw in lowes storage that vinyl fits well. It looks like it was meant to store books but eyeing it lps would fit just fine.
I'm also looking for storage for both LP's and CD's.....
I would think that good lp storage is a little harder to find then cd. I would just go to either ikea or check out craigs listings for people doing away with cds and selling their storage systems.
I am using the Boltz stuff for LP's and CD's. Very sturdy and the LP shelving comes with casters which is nice when you need to move it.
Check the 'Single Malt Scotch Collection' shot in my system photos:

These are IKEA's Norrebo shelves. Good looking, very sturdy, and cost-effective.
Per Madsen DEsigns (Rack It) has already been mentioned. They offer two different sizes and endless configuations for lps and cds. They are made of furniture quality oak and they are extremely durable. If you buy the bottoms w/casters you can literally move hundreds of lps with one hand. I have 22 of 19" Rackits for lps. Great customer service too. Per Madsen actually answers the phone and answers all questions. Prices are reasonable (as are shipping costs). You can't go wrong.
I got a local furniture maker to build me a bookshelf type arrangement with 3 shelves at the bottom for records, 2 in the middle for DVDs and 6 at the top for CDs. It really wasn't all that expensive (about $AU800) and, of course, it fits perfectly in the space it is in as it was made to measure. It's worth looking at this option.

I've had an Ikea Expedit shelf for about a year now, and I'm really happy with it. It's very sturdy if you take care while assembling it, and you could probably make it even tougher with the addition of some wood glue.
+1 on the furniture. Extremely well built but you better like the industrial look,

Boltz LP Rack

I use both the LP shelves and the CD storage. But save the $120 castor charge and get the same thing from Lowes for $20.
Thanks for the heads up on the casters. I am outgrowing my current Boltz rack and will do the Lowes thing on the next one.
try this...