Record Shops in UK

Does anyone here buy from shops in the UK or else where?
Based in the UK, its sad to say that I find it cheaper and much quicker to email order from the States and Germany - and that was long before the dollar went t*ts up.
I do buy some c.d.'s from a small local shop and from Fish Records in Shrewsbury but those are more specialised singer/songwriter type stuff.
I agree with Scousepasty, with the $ price, the UK is very expensive for you colonials now. The only reason to look at the UK I can think of is for HMV and Decca classical LP's. Probably the best classical catalogues. I would look on E bay, there are many very good Classical shops on E bay I could direct you to
I'm not sure, but I think that David12 just called us (americans) 'colonials'!! Mr. 12, are you a direct descendant of King George??? Although I'm in the analog crowd and routinely considered to be outdated in my thinking, I'm afraid that you absolutely take the prize in that category!