Record shops in Minneapolis/St Paul MN

I was just wondering if there are any audiogoners from the area that may know the places to hit--cheers
for used cd's..'cheapo'
Thanks, I was thinking more along the lines of the black stuff though--Cheers
Shoot an email to Ralph at Atma-sphere.
Hymie's Records 3318 E Lake Mpls, and Cheapo Records 80 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul
Usually, cheapo has used record shops next door to the cd places. They also have a reasonable selection of new vinyl as well. I would call ahead and check.
Earl Root (Root Cellar Records) is still in business but he is mostly on eBay: rooty is his moniker.

Let It Be is still operating on eBay too, although I don't know his moniker.

Know Name still has a store front (Richfield on S. Lyndale), as does Treehouse (formerly Oarfolkjokeopus) Records on Lyndale in Minneapolis, and Eclipse Records is now back, relocated to University Avenue in St. Paul, not far from Porky's. They'll also be featuring local talent instore. Finally, the Electric Fetus is still doing LPs at their store by Franklin and 35W.
The basement of the Mpls cheapo store is now all LPs. Lots and lots of great stuff, new and used.
A visit to the Twin Cities always costs me more than expected :-) Ralph at Atma-Sphere has posted an outstanding list. Gonna have to hit more of 'em the next time I visit him.
the electric fetis is still a great vinyl too....the same 'aura' its always had.......
I like the Cheapo on Lake Street in Minneapolis that Jafox mentioned.

I've also had some decent luck at Half Price Books in St. Paul on Ford Pkwy. and in St. Louis Park on Excelsior Blvd. They have a few other locations throughout the metro area as well.

Discland in Bloomington on 98th and 35W has a decent stock, but I haven't really dug through their bins and checked it out for prices or selection.
Roadrunner Records at 43rd and Nicolet, So Mpls.
Hi Fi Sound also has quite a few used on consignment.
Cheapo on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul recently took over half of a store front and increased the new vinyl stock at the same time.