Record selling strategies

I've got 600+ records (LPs) I want to sell LOCALLY.  I'd rather sell to someone buying full collections (seems like less time and hassle) rather than a number of people buying a few here and there.  Is it generally a good idea to sell all the records together or should I sell each type/genre of music separately?  Should I just sell what I can sell to whoever answers my ad?  

I don't have any real collector's records as I bought records to listen to, not collect.  My listening tastes are not standard rock and roll (Stones, Who, Pearl Jam) but touch prog rock, jazz, "space music" from the 70's, classical, brass ensemble and more.  If you sold a small collection like I have I would like to hear your strategies or experiences with buyers.  If you buy small collections I would like to hear what would be attractive to buyers.  

I'm not phishing for buyers with this thread.  I'm not going to say where I live and I won't answer emails asking what I have for sale and what prices I want.  Just help me your record selling strategies. 


Just take the lot to your nearest new & used vinyl merchant. Whatever is left just list it on Discogs or eBay. 
I've done that.  Now I want a buyer to come to my house.
My advice would be to sell each item individually on eBay. Once you get the system down it’s quite efficient, mail media mail and take advantage of eBay’s global shipping service to make the LPs available to foreign buyers, offer free shipping and price at $1 and up above the media mail cost and as "buy it now". Buy a bulk lot of LP mailers eBay will relist for you and you’ll make a buck or two on each disc which is loads more then you’d get from any bulk used purchaser. It’ll take a while to clear but will finally work out. Obviously grade scrupulously and conservatively and observe good mailing hygiene (new outer sleeves, LP outside cover etc). Finally any collectable stuff can be priced appropriately of even auctioned use popsike to check prices.

ps last thing you need is someone coming to your house and pawing through your collection, ughh
Where are you?  I may come by and paw :)
Infection, "Just take the lot to your nearest new & used vinyl merchant. ..."

rayd, "I've done that.  Now I want a buyer to come to my house."
So if I understand you correctly, you have already taken the entire 600 record collection to one or more dealers, and since you still have the records, I assume you did not receive an offer you found acceptable.

Your alternative, if you want people to come to your house, is to put an ad in craigslist and prepare to have a number of people you don't really want at your house, to call you and come to your house, then either try to cherry pick your collection or low ball you. You also might get lucky and sell the collection to someone.

I wish you the best of luck in selling your collection.
I held a vinyl-only garage sale last year. I had about 300 albums of my own, mostly rock from the 60’s, 70’s and a few 80’s, and a friend gave me his 300-record collection (for free) that contained many from the same era, but he was heavy into blues. I alphabetized all 600 and separated them into 8 letter-correct bins in my garage. I had graded each one and they were in resealable plastic sleeves. Prices were $1-$5.

I advertised on Craigslist in four categories: "Garage Sales"; "Collectibles"; "CDs/DVDs/VHS"; and "Electronics". I didn’t include my phone number. The sale was from 8am to 11am. There were five guys in front of my house an hour before the sale started. It generated a lot of excitement and I sold 250 records ($850) in 3 hours. More importantly, it was a lot of fun! The rest I sold to used record stores. In all, I made about $4000. The big money was in the Mobile Fidelity albums that I sold to a used record store owner for his collection. He gave me $200 for a used 5-record MFSL version of "Woodstock", as well as $50 each for an assortment of still-sealed and open stock half-speed MFSL, Nautilus, CBS MasterSound and Japanese import records. I kept about 50 of my personal favorites. So, that’s my story.
Where are you located?