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A friend and I were talking about record cleaning products we used to use, and of course, Discwasher was discussed at length. Back in the 70’s, there was a product that complemented Discwasher, but was not made by Discwasher as I recall. The other product was not a cleaner, but rather a record protector. You’d first use Discwasher to clean the record, and then apply this other fluid to protect it. It came in a black plastic kit. Its cap had a blue microfiber sponge inside it. There was also a bottle of fluid that came with it. You’d spray it on the record and then wipe it in just as with the Discwasher. I can’t recall the name of the product. DiscSaver, or DiscKeeper, or something like that maybe. Anyone remember this stuff?
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I remember using a product called Record Restorer, available in ads in Goldmine. I bought some. It was purple in color. This was early on in my audiophile career but I remember it dispelling noise from worn lps.
Used discwasher for years. Didn’t care for the film it left. I recently tried Lasermedia VNC-8 Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid  by TME. 8oz $19.00. From Amazon. With microfiber cloths. This stuff leaves no film and really cleans the records completely.
Sorry, it's not any of the products named so far.  This was purely a protector, not a cleaner.  It's driving me crazy!  Thanks for your replies.
Yup, it sounds like you are describing sound guard, which was a silicone-based product that coated the record and supposedly reduced friction, thereby reducing record wear. You were supposed to reapply it every 25 plays. My teenaged brother and I used it on all our records. Unfortunately, I don’t think it really worked, and years later, I had to contend with trying to remove that residue from the vinyl with various cleaning agents. I now believe that the best preventative for record wear is a clean record being traced by a clean stylus.
Discwasher D4+ fluid leaves no film on the record if used properly. I’ve had mine for 40 years and use it on every record I play. Wouldn’t think of playing a record without it. 
What sleepwalker65 said, +1(per each point). Now using Disc Doctor’s Quick Wash Record Cleaner, in conjunction, having(long ago) run out of the Discwasher fluid(the big bottle too).   
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Last - that company makes a record preserver
GruvGlide is still available. The GG kit includes an aerosol spray can and a black applicator sponge. Could this be the one you are looking for?