Record Revirginizer

What do you guys think about this new high-tech recording cleaning system?

Watch the video, it's pretty funny.
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I love it, expensive but almost alway gives you a 1/2 grade or more.  I use it on all my best pressings that have any noise at all.   
I bought 3 containers of the stuff a couple of years ago. I find that leaves a film after useage that must be cleaned off  your record. What ever fim is remaining after useage is easily cleaned off with my RCM and Keith Monks fluids. I only use the stuff when I have a record that I cannot clean any further but it needs it. In this respect it works. It removes a layer or two of crud that would otherwise be considered impenetrable. Keep on cleaning as per usual afterwards and your old record will come around. The stuff takes a long time to work. Pretty much 24 hours for a record unless you don't work or sleep.

There is another product out now from Spain (I believe, somewhere in Europe for sure) called Winyl Record Cleaner. Pretty much the same stuff but slightly less expensive and much cheaper to ship.  Australian Post realizes they have a monopoly and the bastards push it to the fullest. I have seen Record Revirginizer in England. Anyways, this Winyl Record Cleaner comes with an applicator so you waste less than is possible with Record Revirginizer.

My .02$.
I never use anything but Disc Doctor fluid and a VPI RCM.  If the record is particularly bad, more than one application might be necessary.  But the results are consistently excellent.