Record Revirginizer

Hello all,

So in anticipation of getting my first turntable I've been buying records from different sources.I bought an expensive first pressing of an old Genesis Lp off a guy on Ebay and he recommended that I give it a good cleaning before I play it. I asked about record cleaning machines and he said he's been using "Record Revirginizer" with good results.

Anybody ever hear of this stuff?

Looks like something similar to the "glue method."

Check out this thread :

$3 each to clean records. Pretty stiff price.
Washing them in the sink costs a few tenths of a penny each.
Mike slow down,take a deep breath.Don't buy expensive records on eBay that need "a good cleaning" before play.Those you can normally find in thrift stores.Good Luck and enjoy your 'table.
I find the best cleaning method is with a steamer
I didn't want to be the first to say it, but Casy33 is 100% correct.

Th album in question is sealed NM lp. The guy recommended to clean even before first play. He said that even with the initial play the needle can push in any contaminant that may be on the album surface and make it harder to clean later.

I have no idea if this is true or not.

I ordered some of this stuff, but also a Loricraft PRC-3.

So my first tt is a restored Garrard 301 with Steve Dobbins plinth, copper platter, Reed 2P arm with CocaBolo wood and the Allinic Puritas cartdridge.

To say I'm stoked to get into vinyl would be a huge understatement.

"Revirginizer"'ve got to be kidding ;-)

If you get tired of paying $75.00 for product & shipping, try using $1.69 Elmers water soluble gel school glue the same way and see how close the performance is to "Record ReVirginizer." You might be surprised.
How many virgins are sacrificed while using this process?
sweet setup Mike. Drop the glue and use your loricraft

For sure. I just ordered a couple of bottles just to see. Too expensive for a regular use type of thing for sure. Especially since you have to pay shipping from Australia!
Wouldn't the "Record Groove" cleaner do about the same thing, except for it should have been a conical design.
But it uses a "glue type" removal theory, is reusable and only 20 bucks.

>>The guy recommended to clean even before first play. He said that even with the initial play the needle can push in any contaminant that may be on the album surface and make it harder to clean later.<<

He spoke the truth. I even clean brand new LPs prior to the first play. It's a PITA but worth it. On new LPs, prior to using the RCM, it's a good idea to use a cleaner such as Premier to remove any residual mold-release compound on the LP.

Welcome to the vinyl club!
I remember being a virgin, sure would not want to become one again...

Oh and on the records, don't worry, six months and it'll be such a pain in the ass that you'll go back to your squeezebox.
Trebejo's comment is cruel.
True.. but cruel. LOL
Well. actually the op may be one of a few vinyl newbies who decide they enjoy vinyl after all.
So welcome anyway!
So welcome anyways? Wow, thanks.....I think.
Sounds like you'd like the crazy little clock and magic pebbles as well.

Contact captain kaitt, commander of the Starship Snakeoil.
Mikeba316: jumping on to a boat that is leaky and sinking slowly is usually not greeeted with enthusiasm. Audiophiles are a wierd bunch though, and vinyl mavens even wierder! So when they welcome you with open arms, realize it is to bolster thier own sagging morale.

The best that can be said for the current vinyl resurgence is that is it the last gasp of a dying art form.
The good side is all the new TTs being made and sold, that will eventually wind up in the used market after the 'fad' has passed. So all the vinyl old farts can buy new used TTs.. Ditto all the newly pressed vinyl.

I am basically a pessimist, and the glass is half empty and draining. (new folks interested in vinyl means used LP prices are skyrocketing, and good stuff harder and harder to find, though, on the other hand, reissues are being produced in greater numbers than anyone could have thought possible just a few years ago...)

So my comment is I am happy you are interested in vinyl. You are buying LPs before you even have a tt.
You are hopeful but actually have no idea of whether you will really enjoy playing vinyl, in the long run.
The real question is: will you still want to play vinyl in five years?
A lot of folks think it is 'cool' and try it out. only to discover it is really not any better, and is a whole lot less convenient. Natually most of those folks just do not come here and rant about how they jump on the fad, then got bored with it.

SO, welcome to the elite Vinyl club. where if you stay, miracles of sound shall be unveiled as you explore the great wonders of vinyl playback, or, you discover vinyl is really a giant white elphant you 'thought' you would enjoy, but have realized is just a P.I.T.A. you can do without.
Either way,
Good luck.

For myself, it is just a way to waste time... And a way to find more used music cheap. I enjoy it some, and am annoyed some, and generally play vinyl sometimes. So with 6,000 LP taking up half the space in the room they are in, and three TTs and associated stuff, I am only in it for the music.... grudgingly..
Though I buy more used vinyl whenever I find some....
So I add a few every week...
I basically play vinyl when I am in the mood, and find it nice I have so much cool music I hardly remember i actually own (having 6,000 Lps there helps that!)
So clearly I am ambivalent (Run while you can.... save yourself!!!) or... welcome to the club.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for you thoughtful yet sad response!

I never actually planned to get into vinyl. A friend brought over his modest rig a couple of months ago while our wives had a "girls" night out. He has a great collection and we A/B'd some of his albums to SACD's of mine played on my expensive PD MPS-5. I was enchanted by that "analog" sound I've been hearing about for so long.I hope it wasn't just the wine playing tricks on me.

Anyways, so instead of putting my dollars towards a top notch music server system as planned, I went analog instead.

I for sure will go the music server way in the future. I also predict that most of my listening years from now will be from downloaded music. But I figure a couple more years to let the dust settle won't hurt. And a really cool looking tt rig will look awesome in my living room also. A conversation starter for sure!


You've made a good choice...ENJOY! :-)