Record Rescue has saved my stylus

I live in a 115 yo house and it is very dusty.  This has wreaked havoc on my vinyl listening experience.  I had issues with dust buildup on the stylus that was very difficult to remove via a brush or my onzow zerodust.  I have a Rega and was using the original felt mat.  I went to a cork/rubber mat and this helped reduce static on the platter.  I got one of the Milty 3 zerostat, but that thing is so frustrating I tucked it away.  The trigger is so inconsistent in how it reacts and clicks or not.  I also picked up a record rescue on Amazon.  It is a mini version of those old lint rollers that are reusable.  Now I roll that across every record before I place it on the platter.  On a long day of listening I rinse it off a few times.  It does a fantastic job of removing debris from the record.  I have not noticed any issue of it leaving a residue behind.  It will make streak marks if you apply much pressure.  If it is clean you really only let it rest and roll it across.  I was curious how this was working for others.
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It was my best solution for over 25 years

You can also buy Cardas LP with ultrasonic signal in the groove to clean your stylus, highly recommended 
Why is it hard to get rid of dust in a 115 year old house?  My house was built in 1918 and there is no dust to speak of in my house.  Age should not make a difference.  
Changing your furnace filters more frequently may help.