record out RCA on preamp. uses?

hi. are the record out set of RCAs on my VTL ultimate preamp simply another set of preamp outputs. can i use them to connect the pre-amp to a subwoofer? please advise.
Records outs on a preamp are not controlled by the preamp's volume control. If you connected a subwoofer the subwoofer would have to have a volume control and you would need to adjust it every time you changed the preamp's volume. The VTL could be an exception to this rule, but it's unlikely.
They are also good for feeding a headphone amp.
I use my Record/Tape Monitor output in the way Stevechem suggests. Works great and keeps me from buying a separate source for my headphone amp. Phew.
thanks for the informative replies. i like the idea of using the record out for my headphone amp.