record out on integrated amp

I am interested in potentially trying to use an integrated tube amp as a tube buffer to feed the ss integrated via the record out of the tubed unit. I know the record out is not volume controlled.
My question is does anyone know if the record out of the tube integrated amp would go through the tube circuitry and will retain the "tubiness" or it's basically just a pass through from whatever it is fed into it?

In most although not all designs the selected input just goes through very minimal circuitry before being routed to the record out jacks. In many cases that circuitry is just the input select switch and a resistor.

There is another issue beyond that, however. Most tube power amplifiers or integrated amplifiers, or at least those which have output transformers, should not be operated without either a speaker or an equivalent load resistor being connected. Otherwise damage to the output transformer and/or the output tubes might result from what is called "inductive kickback." The chances of damage if no speaker or resistive load is connected would be greatly minimized if the volume control on the integrated is turned all the way down, so that no signal goes through its power amp section. It would still not be good practice IMO, though, as transients generated at turn-on or turn-off by circuitry that is "after" the volume control might in effect put a brief "signal" through the output transformers, resulting in inductive kickback.

-- Al
If you have a problem that's so extreme where you would actually consider doing what you're talking about, I say just fix the problem and be done with it. There's almost no chance that you'll be happy with the result. Tubes don't always fix problems like people think they do.

The most I would do, in your case, is to try an actual tube buffer, because that's what you're asking for. Musical Fidelity makes them. If a product like that doesn't work, you need to try something else.
want the best sound? eliminate all ss, and go tubes all the way. or, keep ss sound and try to be satisfied with it. half way will just keep you trying more things that will not help in the long run.
"03-23-15: Polk432
want the best sound? eliminate all ss, and go tubes all the way. or, keep ss sound and try to be satisfied with it. half way will just keep you trying more things that will not help in the long run."

Nothing like keeping an open mind.

Mofojo hi, reading your opening post to use it this way, all you are doing is using it as a mulitple source switch box. Many can be got for under $50 on ebay.
If it has a phono stage then yes you will be listening to a tube or two via the tape output.

Cheers George
Thanks for the responses.
I am satisfied with my system but always wanting to try something different. I switch back and forth between my Cayin A100T integrated with KT120s and my Cayin 265ai class a integrated. I think both sound very good but different. I actually thought about ordering a tube buffer but thought this may be a way to kinda try it out before the purchase. Basically looking to meld some tube goodness on vocals and acoustic music with the smack across the face dynamics on heavy rock with the SS. Overall on most music I would have to say I enjoy the tube amp more. Anyone ever try the Yaqin tube buffers they are selling on Amazon or the Decware buffers that are a little more expensive.
In case anyone is interested. I picked up a Yaqin Sd-CD3 tube buffer off of amazon. On my SS amp it did not make a huge diffeence. It was a slightly softer sound and reduced the hardness in the high frequencies when pushed. Overall a slight but audible difference. Little good little bad.
However I now have it hooked up with my tube integrated and it is a night and day difference! Bass is now tight and has texture and tone. Everything is tighter, faster and more focused through out the spectrum. I am shocked. No shit it sounds like a new amp.
I must say that I am surprised that the addition of a buffer improved the sonics to that extent. Not questioning your result, just surprised. I am curious: What source (s) are feeding through the buffer? How much gain is afforded by the buffer? What speakers are you using? Thanks.
I was very suprised as I was dissapointed in the performance with the ss amp. One thing is that I based the ss performance with only an hour or so on the unit. When I hooked the tube amp up it had been on overnight. I do not believe the buffer has any gain. I am feedig it from a wyred4sound dac-2 into cayin A100T with kt120s pushing golden ear triton 1s.