Record LP's on to Laptop

I have around 800 LP's that I want to record into a digital format (hard drive/CD). I have a high-end HP dv4000 laptop and high end digital receiver as well but I'm confused as to how to connect by receiver to my laptop. I think that I want to take the analog output to an analog input on my PC (which I don't have). I see reference in this forum to a device WaveTerminal that looks like it's what I need but I also read that it's been discontinued. Could someone help me with my options.

One option is to get an Alesis Masterlink 9600, or other stand alone hard drive cd burner, and burn your vinyl to a cd. The 9600 can even save and burn as 24 bit. Then take the cd and copy it to your laptop.
While you could record directly to the sound card in your laptop, it is not recommended. The audio quality will not suffice. There are several good A/D converters that would plug in to your tape out and go right to your computer. One highly rated (expensive) one is the Apogree Mini-ME, which connects to your computer via USB. Another is an Edirol UA-5 modified by Oade Brothers, but they may be out (the stock UA-5 is no longer available. The Oade Brothers link also has some other alternatives, and they would be good to talk with. Then you would need to get some basic audio editing software to: 1) break the LP side into songs, 2) do any pop and click removal, etc.
The best quality result will be with a Mytek 24/96 A/D converter and then a S/PDIF to USB converter to the computer.