Record is noisier after cleaning:

Hello, I have recently got back into Vinyl and am enjoying it so far except for one frustrating thing at the moment.
I have fielded this question on another forum as well (just so you know), but I thought it couldn't hurt to get some thoughts here as well.

I have the Pro-Ject Xpression III I bought about 12 days ago.
I listened to a new LP of Dave Brubeck's Time Out without cleaning it. It sounded wonderful, very quite, just a couple of pops on side 1.

Then a few days later I got the VPI 16.5. Yesterday I cleaned the very same record using the VPI RCF and brush that came with the machine. I followed the VPI instructions only. I played the record right away after the cleaning and surprisingly it was noisier then before the cleaning. There were many more pops and clicks. The surface noise during the quieter tracks was much higher.

I've been using a carbcn fibre brush before every play and also one of those dry stylus brushes as well.

Afterwards I tried some other ideas. I cleaned the record again but this time after the vacuuming I let it air dry for an hour. It seemed to be quieter then before but still not near the noise free it was before.

I played it again this morning to get a reference and then cleaned it a third time but this time I also rinsed it with distilled water twice and vacuumed it one rotation each time for the rinse. I played it and again it is noisy.

I don't see any obvious dirt or lint on the stylus. Anyway, I played a used clean copy of Oscar Peterson's we get request without cleaning it on my VPI and it sounded very nice. Very little surface noise and I don't think I heard any pops and clicks if I remember correctly. So I don't think my stylus is really badly dirty or anything.

So I am not sure what is happening, why the Time Out LP has become noisier after the cleaning. I am afraid of cleaning my other new records right away until I know what I am doing wrong.

Also, it appears the VPI RCF and brush isn't very popular. Is that correct? Should I get another RCF and brush?


-- Sanjay
FYI: The issue of what is to be done with the ageing waxes , '78's & LPs is an internal matter of debate at both Institutions ; the Libary of Congress has been leaning towards digital reproduction for waxes .

Here's what we need.
One thing occurred to me that hasn't been mentioned. Don't forget to brush the felt pads on the vacuum pickup tube of the VPI after each record (or every 2 or 3 depending on how dirty they are).
I learned that lesson the hard way. I forgot to do that, and the dust and dirt accumulated on the felt pads. Eventually, I was scratching my records as I cleaned them.


I'd like to know the same thing - I'm accumulating junk on mine and worry about the same thing.
Actually, I use the brush supplied with the VPI 16.5 to clean the felt pads on the pickup tube. I also use it to clean my MoFi brush before I clean a record. It works really well.