Record Doctor V - why the $200 price tag

I cant seem to reason why what appears to be the same essential design as the nitty gritty 1.0 is so much cheaper.

I would like a record cleaning machine, and would love for anyone to tell me why this model would accomplish less of a thorough cleaning job, than the VPI, or the nitty gritty.

It seems to me that the basic concept is the same. 1) brush 2) fluid 3) vacuum

is there something Im missing?
The best tweak to any of these machines is steam. With a $20 hand held unit, it improves any process.
It's made by Nitty Gritty.
I have used a record docor for 20 years. its the same thing as nitty gritty wo the veneer. i recommend it.
The main shortcoming I find in these designs is the mess that they create. You apply the fluid and scrub the LP, and then you have to turn over the wet LP to vacuum it. The fluid ends up dripping everywhere! Other more expensive designs may do a similar job in cleaning but have the vacuum pickup above the LP. If you can live with the mess of fluid these machines create they can be a good value.
On the Nitty Gritty, you are supposed to apply the cleaning liquid to the velvet lips and then rotate the record to allow the lips to do the scrubbing. It is a relatively small amount of fluid and does not drip significantly. You can turn the wet side upright and do some additional agitation by hand with a brush, which is all to the good, but then you just turn it over and vacuum it up. For $200 it looks like a great deal. The price is likely due to the fact that it doesn't spin the record for you and it's made in China.